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I hear that Karl Urban, Eomer in The Two Towers,will star in Doom for Universal Pictures and will play John Grimm, the leader of a special ops team dealing with alien demons.
Hey, is that in anyways related to the Doom game series?
Oooooh... just might have to see Doom then. Tongue Smilie
Think it is movie about the games yes, a lot of that going on.
Yes it is a film based on the game. Might be worth seeing just for him.
I hope the movie Doom is gonna be in first-person view like the games, so that we never have to see Karl Urban's mug. He doesn't even look like Grimm.
Sorry to seem so clueless but what is the Doom game series? Dunce Smilie (Yes i am happy in my stupidity....just kidding!) I really like Karl Urban so I'll probably go see the movie even if I have no idea what it's about. I saw him in the movie The Bourne Supremacy with Matt Damon. He was really good in that one. He kinda played a hit man but he was good at being evil. Very Evil Smilie I guess he's kind of an action star now isn't he? Oh well.......he's good in anything he does! Super Wow Smilie (For oh so many different reasons....... Orc Grinning Smilie )
Doesn't it seem sillier to make movies from computer games; than computer games from movies? So far I don't think one has turned out to be a winner. For instance the Tomb Raider movies.
But the lead actress was sooo...............................nice in it Super Wow Smilie

Cow Sleeping Smilie
Well, Rho, I don't think that you will get the same response from watching Karl. Very Big Grin Smilie

I thought Karl was fine in LOTR, but when I saw an interview with him I thought him much more dynamic and vivid and intelligent of personality than his character of Eomer.

There must be a part for Karl in The Hobbit? What about a voice over for one of the animal characters?

I do agree. I feel he would add such a richness to what I hope will be a glorious tapestry of actors.