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Just wondering if anyone knows how one could get the music from that scene?

I know its sung by Liv Tyler and its absolutley breathtaking. It easily brings you close to tears and is very moving.

Its not on any of the albums either? Maybe the need an EE album soundtrack!!!
Liv Tyler sings???

By Jove... :-O

Sure she isn't just playbacking on C’line Dion's voice or something? Heh.
Yeh huh! Tis her singing

If you watch the extras on the ROTK it explains how she always asked PJ if she could sing and eventually she did! Turns out to be a great piece too.
Here is a site that might be helpful to you: Arwen's song.

Enjoy and welcome to PT. Smile Smilie
Well, Arwen sings in the books as well, so what the hey. Go get that Grammy, Liv.

Wow! Didn't know that. It happens I had just watched the Return Of The King today. I'm going to go and watch that sene again. I hate the house of healing sene, I dreaded when I found out that it was going to be in the movie, why, because Aragorn was going to kiss Eowyn on the head, and I hate Eowyn. I didn't know it wasn't going to be in the movie, but it is in the books. Ok, I just went way off the subject, sorry. Irima-Arwen
Wasn't Faramir supposed to kiss her on the forehead when they're watching the downfall of Mordor? Sheesh, Faramir really gets nothing does he.

Anyway, strange way of healing someone. If i were ’owyn, i'd drop dead in a second. "The Snow White Lady of Rohan", eh?

P.S. : if anyone can provide a link to that Liv Tyler song, it would be very appreciated!
He kisses her on the forehead, but he also kisses her properly later. GO FARAMIR!!!!!! I laugh.

What Houses of Healing scene? THis is EE, I suppose?
If I remember,the 'Houses of Healing' scene and music were in the EE of LOTR: Return of the King not LOTR: The Two Towers, so I don't think we have been writing in the right place.
Ok, well, it took me a little bit of searching, but i finally found a site that has Arwen's Song available to listen to and download! So here it is:
Happy listening! Wiggle Smilie
Wow, great. Thank you for the link. I was searching for that song too. It is really amazing.
It is an amazing song. I had never really paid attention to it during the movie...which is wierd because i normally hear the music more than watch the movie (i'm a huge music geek)...i was more intrigued that they did put the romance between Eowyn and Faramir in. I was so mad during the original that they didn't. During the books that part made me cry in happiness....oh well, anyways, yes, it is an amazing song, and i hope ya'll enjoy it! Smile Smilie