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It sounds grrreat Swampfaye, I can hardly wait.
*turns green with envy

Faramir confused? I hope they haven't mangled another character.
They showed a bit on the TV ad the other night, Helm's Deep looks just like the Alan Lee painting (only moving) may have to go to the pictures again this week...
Waaaah!!!! The ONE theater around here that's still showing the movie doesn't have the preview yet, and they don't know when or if they're gonna get it! Not fair! Stupid hick county, wish I was still in Toronto. Well, not too many months left, and I can go back.

I want to see this preview SO MUCH. The hunt for a theater showing it continues!

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I don't have to hunt for a theatre that shows it, I know that they don't show it. This is Belgium, and we're sure of one thing: we're always late! Smile Smilie

I envy you, faye, I'm looking forward to seeing it... Smile Smilie I've seen pictures, but that's all and you don't see much on them do you? Sad Smilie
I can hardly believe it! I went to the theatre yesterday with a friend, and we were half an hour too early. So we went to see where our movie was playing, and the door was open, and they were just showing the end of FOTR. So we sneaked into the room, watched the end, and then... the preview!!! It all looked so cool, with Gollum following Frodo and Sam, with Pippin in the tree, the Uruk-Hai, Helm's Deep, Faramir, Theoden (he disappointed me a little, he didn't look at all like I had imagined him), the return of Gandalf, etc. It looked very promising indeed, Faye, I must agree. Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie

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I just watched the version Taz has snuck up on the home page and it looks awesome.

I saw Eowyn trysting with Aragorn, and saw that Arwen does come south but couldn't tell if she was in the battle. Don't remember seeing Gollum or Treebeard, must go back and watch it for the third time.

Wish I could expand it to fill half of my screen and run about three-quarter speed; my eyes and mind don't work fast enough to take it all in. :grin
You can see Pippin up a tree, right? And then you see a face in the tree. That's Treebeard.
And you can see Gollum sneaking off a rockwall in Mordor, when he's following Frodo and Sam. You can even hear him talk, I think! He's soo cool! Cool Smilie
I figured out how to slow it down by judiciously slowly advancing the slider button. I think I might be seeing an eye in the tree that Pippin climbed; however, no Gollum. My trailer ends with Strider in a battle, not with the two Hobbits and Gollum. Oh well. Paranoid Smilie
Hey, that's right. There's no Gollum. Then the one they show after FOTR now must be a bit longer, cos I saw Gollum there! It is longer, cos it lasts for nearly 5 minutes! But you must admit that it all looks great! Dunce Smilie
Man I can wait until Dec. I wonder if New Line would have pitty on me and let me see if I promised real hard not to tell a soul that I saw the film. I could be sort of a real life critic. You know help them in the final development of the film before its final release in Dec. I know I could do and excelent job. Hey then I could accidently let it slip to you guys what it's all about and everything and well hell I am dreaming agian. Damn I hate Morphine!!! LOL

The Pain, The Pain!

Sounds like hallucinations alright JG, if you manage to hallucinate the whole movie can you tell us if it's any good? Animated Wink Smilie