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As long as PJ and New Line make the title Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers in every official place there shouldn't be any problem. Smile Smilie

The words "The Two Towers" must not be hijacked by a minority of people who rightly feel the events of 9-11 must not be forgotten. Nevertheless, those words have been used throughout history in many other connotations besides New York City's pair of monolithic tall buildings, which on that date were so shamefully destroyed with such a tragic toll of human life. Very Sad Smilie Were they permitted to do so, would be as ridiculous as the Olympics, the five ring international sports organization, suing our area's hotels, barbershops, and eateries for using the name of the local mountain range in their names. Rolling Eyes Smilie

Anyway, this should be a non-problem and will remain so, if a little common sense over-rides the petition of those well intentioned, but sadly mistaken people. Shaking Head Smilie
Frankly I think it's cruel to use the title the Two Towers after the desecration of Wembley Stadium that's about to take place. Animated Wink Smilie
Seriously though, it's the title of the ****ing book! What else can you call it without upsetting millions of Tolkien fans?
I agree one hundred and ten persent it is the title of the book and should remain the title of the next movie. But I also konw how ditzy Hollywood is and I can imagine have the staff of New-Line sitting around comming with ideas on what other titles they can come up with besides Tolkien's Two Tower's. Although I don't think it will be that easy to convince PJ to change it could happen. I'm telling you the threat is real and we should be aware of it. Grond was'nt there a petition going around to maintain the TTT title for the film last month? I seem to remember signing onto one...? If not perhaps we should generate one of our own.
ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS! I'm an American born and bred, and I would die for my country but, I do NOT understand the sensitivy over the WTC in movies. Why is there this push to pull all images of the Twin Towers out of movies in production and not show movies that highlight the buildings? Why are we pushing the towers out of our remembrance? Apparently, they did this in Spiderman - where one of the promos was Spidey spinning a net between the two towers. I think they should have left it, and proudly! It's not bad taste to honor the buildings, the men who built them, the spirit of NYC and America, and the memory of 9/11 and to admit that the damn things existed! This is a categorically typical Hollywood/Media over reaction which defies logic. The American public is not going to leave the movie theater weeping b/c there was one scene in a movie that included the TT. I think it helps to strengthen our resolve to see images of the buildings before those bastards knocked them down, and I think those folks circulating the petition to have the title changes are out of their minds. Whiney ridiculous people who have completely missed the point. If any thing they should take comfort in the plot and postBody of TT and the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy which is all about good triumphing over evil. Silly silly people!
You go Yummy! Back at you 100%! I don't see the point either. Let's don't forget the tragic event and let's honor those that died and thier families, but this is not the way to do it. Dedicate the film to those that lost thier lives and loved ones or something like that, but leave the damn title alone!!!!
Where is this Petiton at anyways.. Im curious to read peoples responses, and reasons for signing it.. do they have no common sense... I am an American, but this is just rediculous....

ah.. nevermind found it... pointless really... the stupid thing isnt even active now.... its a bunch of nonsense.. Why did i actually spend tile searching for that????

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Bit of a late reaction here, but I too think it is ridiculous to change the name of the film, named after a book that existed long before the WTC drama was even a flash in a lucide's eyes. I mean, if they're gonna get this through, than what kind of a world is this turning into? A world in which terrorism gains the upper hand because we're too bl**dy afraid to offend someone! Exploding Head Smilie