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Thread: am I the only one tat noticed?

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after eomer leaves his meeting with aragorn, legolas and gimli, he gets on his horse, turns to leave, and dropps his sword!
when is this happening? when they meet for the first time?
Seriously? How did the sword drop? Like, does it simply fall out of its sheath? Or does it drop off his horse? I don't recall anything happening...
Was ’omer in the movies? I don't remember.
during their first meeting, when he gets on his horse it falls out of the scabbard
Yes Eomer was in the movies, he grabbed Wormtongue by the throat and started to spit all over him with harsh words, as well as actual spit Orc Going Huh Smilie

Do you mean the part where Gimli is cocky to Eomer while Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli are surrounded by spears from the Rohirrim??? If you don't understand where I mean, Arargorn also shouted to the riders as they rode past, "Riders of Rohan, what news from the Mark?" If those are the exact words........
yea thats when it happens, whatch him right as he turns to leave
Are you serious about such thing?? I haven't never regognized it, althought I've watched it many many times Big Smile Smilie I've to take a look again

Are you serious, I just watched that very scene two days ago and I don't remember that. But you know I noticed about watching LOTR that after the first viewing my mind expected certain things and perhaps I simply did not see it because I did not expect to see it. I wonder, which version , regular or extended version?

Yep I saw that also! In one scene Gimli is running and either kicks a rock or his boot falls off.

Oh my I just checked and you are right..It was so weird and by the way what were you exactly looking at?The faces and the dialogues are distracting enough.I would have never noticed

Yes, I've watched it again and noticed - the sword and sheath are basically upended, and the sword is 90% out of the scabbard just before Eomer rides off.

What I don't get is how Karl Urban, any of the riders, the cameramen, the people watching, and the editors all failed to notice it!

I hadnt noticed that, however did you all know that one of Karl Urbans first notable jobs was as Cupid son of Aphrodite on Zena!

Brego! You blasphemer! It's Xena!

Xena......  I dont think so, I saw the ep on digital the other day.  Hercules is Aphrodite's sister and uncle to Cupid.....  lol