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Thread: chaging the title "the two towers"?

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Hey Sicyeti! Welcome Smile Smilie
You may have seen this, but try on the front page under "Is Two Towers Title Insensitive?" And then click on comments.... And further down this page "TTT, Will it be the Title?" A lot of people appear to agree with you.....Wink Smilie
Hi Sicyeti, and welcome!

I agree with you too. The title of the book has nothing to do with Sept. 11.

TTT book was published in 1954 for heavens sake! Shaking Head Smilie
Hi sicyeti . Yes, the petition is out there, but I suspect that it was started by a troll just to get a kick out of making a (sick) joke out of the tragedies of many.

If you care to read the actual signatures & comments, you'll notice that out of the 2000 people (last time I checked) that signed, only a dozen or so were serious. Most of the signatures have been voided anyway (false entries due to fake addresses etc).

It's meaningless and I don't think it should be taken seriously. Even PetitionOnline (site hosting the petition) has released a disclaimer.
"Please Note: The Two Towers is the title of the JRR Tolkien book originally published in 1954, the second book of The Lord of the Rings trilogy. The title was thus established some 47 years prior to the attacks on the World Trade Center towers, and there is no evidence to suggest that PeterJackson meant anything by continuing the same title other than faithfulness to the beloved Tolkien classics. Furthermore, the two distant, opposing towers in the Tolkien classic have very little if anything in common with the two matching towers of the World Trade Center. ’"

Yeah, most of the posts on the petition are really funny ones from Tolkien fans telling the guy to get a life and the bloke who started it defending himself really badly. Actually, he doed it so badly I often think he might have set the whole thing up as a bit of a joke to annoy the Tolkien fans, as he keeps repeating that he has no idea who this JR Tolkien fellow is, but he sucked in Dallas!
Oh, you saw that too? I didn't get the JR bit until I saw your post actually. Duh...
Listen, I know I goof off a lot at the office, but REALLY! Doesn't this guy have anything better to do with his time? Actually, if this is a joke, which is what it's sounding like, I think this person is quite insensitive and rude. I don't find much humor or room for jokes in the WTC/Pentagon attacks. It's pretty serious stuff to me. Whoever this guy is, he'd best be careful that his ill-conceived humor doesn't turn around and bite him on the ass.
Too bad he didn't leave an address, otherwise you could have written him a letter or something.
He did, it just doesn't work, the snivelling little girly coward.
doesn't the guy have anything better to do..... like sit at a messagboard all day and talk about a book! Big Laugh Smilie
So Angry Smilie YOU TALKING TO ME Question Smilie Big Smile Smilie
oh.. er.. um..........

*looks around for a quick escape route.....*
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