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To be honest who gives two rats anyway? I mean, what movie(s)? I am a lover of J.R.R Tolkien and *his* works, not Peter Jackson. Full Stop.
I would imagine that the extended version DVD's are part of the marketing scheme over which PJ has little influence probably. Not to mention, a four hour movie is probably only quite as attractive to us fanboys/girls. I highly doubt a petition will make much difference. In fact it will probably be less effective than the "Change the Title" petition. I, for one, am not bitter over it though. Movies like this only get made to make money. It's simply the way the business works.
This is true.
Well said (appaluds)!
Although, giving credit where credit is due, Jackson has introduced a whole new generation to the books. People who may not have read the books are really into all the writings about ME. Read Smilie
I have to agree with both of you. I would hate to see the movie detract from the book as sometimes happens. After all, many more people watch movies these days than take the time and effort to read a book, especially a book that is longer than War and Peace or the Bible! The book is my true love. No film can do justice to the sheer power and scope of the imagination. But, as Rednell points out, sales of Tolkiens books are up, WAAAY up, and that can only be a good thing. Here's to Tolkien and his wonderous imagination!
I was a huge Peter Jackson fan before he made these movies, I loved his low budget horror flicks. I think I still like him, he's just not as funny anymore, lost his edge one might say...
Plastic, I think PJ had too much at stake with LOTR to entertain us by adding his usual style of humour. It will be interesting to see, now that he has made it to the top, if he will slip back once and a whiile to his unique sense of humour or to continue to to make films which appeal to the masses. Smoke Smilie
Oh I do hope he slips again. That scene from Bad Taste where he's trying to keep his head in one piece with a belt is just too funny...
PJ did burp in Frodo's face outside The Pony, didn't he? Mildly funny and yet completely tasteless. Maybe that was the extent to which he could use his sense of humour in LOTR? Big Laugh Smilie
Big Laugh Smilie Part from the humour in the book there wasn't much else to be said for, no. Part from Gimli of course. Very Big Grin Smilie