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Thread: Exclusive not yet seen images?

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Ahhh no fun, got permission now Tongue Smilie
Were great anyway Taz.

Was that Arwen in a skimpy dress and all dirty? What does she get up to in TTT? Big Laugh Smilie
Picture 5/14 of Aragorn looks like he is on the 'Paths of the Dead' and has picked up the Sword of Baldor, as the hilt looks nothing like Narsil, the Sword of Elendil. So we have yet to see And’ril. Sad Smilie
I dunno Grondy, it's hard to see the hilt. Could be Anduril, what with the way he's gawking at it.
Well, the lack of cross piece on the guard makes it appear to be more of a Viking type sword than the one shown in FOTR. Of course when Tolkien says "reforged", what does that mean? I figure they'd have to heat the shards white hot, pound the hell out of them to weld the pieces together, add back some carbon that would get burned out in the process, and then a reheat and quench in oil, water, or a live body for temper. And without the addition of a little magic, the finished product wouldn't be nearly as good as its previous incarnation. While all along here, I've assumed the hilt wouldn't be changed in any way.