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See the article I posted today on the Main Page, also see Nervous under The Green Dragon Tavern for for more on the TT trailers. Taz'z trailer (posted 12 April) is short, while the one from (posted 15 June) is full length; however, they both take many minutes to load even with broadband, but are well worth the wait. Cool Smilie
I think I first saw the TTT trailer about four months ago Tongue Smilie Very cool though Big Smile Smilie
I love the trailer, it looks great.
Uhuh. Shame it's not on the FOTR video I bought. Very Sad Smilie
Jumping Flame Smilie I just put an article on the main page which has links to the new 3 minute trailer. It is super, like in letterbox mode and in stereo. And I think I saw Sam's Oliphaunt, and with Arwen still in Rivendel.

It loaded in seconds using Real Player and broadband. Smile Smilie

I tried it with Quicktime, it took a bit longer with only a white page to stare at, but finally got there after about a minute. Smile Smilie

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For our convenience has remove the direct link, but left a link to get to the official site, so I modified my instructions at the end of the article to get you there via the source article. We are stuck with the ever so slow Quicktime, but it is better than nothing. Smile Smilie

Small and medium size screens loaded quite fast; large creeped ever so slow; and I didn't have a week to wait for the full screen version. Big Smile Smilie

I'm still impressed. Jumping Flame Smilie
Thumbs Up Smilie Okay, I loaded the full sized screen today. It wanted to play right away and outran the buffer within seconds, so when it stopped I just let it finish loading which it did after about 24 minutes with my cable modem. The wait was well worth it. The video was very clear. Cool Smilie
I'm busy downloading the large version at the moment. I can't wait!!!

Cool Smilie
I just watched it. Holy crap.... Now thats a gooood smoke! Smoke Smilie

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IT"S BLOODY AWESOME! I almost have tears in my eyes! I've got goosbumps! WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!

I just HAD to DOWNLOAD the fullscreen version. It's about 40MB but me cable modem swallowed it in about ten minutes. Now I can watch it over and over again til I go One Eye Smilie

Yes Grondy, that was indeed an oliphaunt! But what exactly was that I saw snatching up Meriadoc?! An Ent?

Arwen was definitely in Rivendell but they show her and Aragorn together in a couple shots. Flashbacks? I could swear I remember hearing PJ deny that Arwen goes to Helm's Deep...

happy happy, joy joy...
But what exactly was that I saw snatching up Meriadoc?! An Ent?
Yes, I believe that was our first shot of Treebeard, unless that was Quickbeam (Bregalad) picking them up for a stay at his nearby house during the remainder of the entmoot, as he had already made up his mind being young and quick to make decisions. However, I doubt if PJ will use any camera time on that interlude; he will probably have the ents make up their minds faster than Quickbeam could even understand the question. Tongue Smilie Big Smile Smilie
Aaahhh!!! I can't watch it!! Exploding Head Smilie
Seriously, i can't! Very Sad Smilie
Why is that Tom??

Hi there-i'm new here(duh!).IT IS HEAVENLY!!!!!I was surprised to see the wolf riders-but they're great!What else?IT IS PLAIN BEAUTIFUL.Hope I'm not boring and I didn't interrupt anything.See ya
Cos all I get is a blank screen, Sil. Big Laugh Smilie
You probably aren't waiting long enough Tommie, next time go for the smallest screen size and wait ten minutes and you may be able to see it. And then again, you might still have the same problem. I wish we had the choice to use Real Player or the Windows Media Player. QuickTime is anything but. Orc Grinning Smilie
Oh I'm sooooo excited!!!!! I really can't wait another *scrolling up* 57 days!!!! I'm so glad it looks like we've lost warrior Arwen *heaves big sigh of relief* and how amazing was Legolas sliding down that staircase!!!!
Also, when will I get another star? I wan't another star! *Cries and throws a tantrum*
When you make post number 50. Have you considered asking your mother for some ridlin? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
You can find it here in various sizes and formats:

Wink Smilie