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You must have forgotten about Arwen, her brothers, and the Dunedain Rangers who by taking a shortcut, arrived early, and just in time for the Battle at Helm's Deep, instead of merely showing up after the all of Isengard. Big Smile Smilie
Dear god no! Mind you, Liv is on the credits for TTT so you may well be right Grondy. I always thought it was really between the men of Rohan and Orcs and Dunlendings, but there you go, I could have been mistaken all this time. Wink Smilie
I don't recall any elves present at the battle of Helm's Deep either... Just Legolas.
I do hope there won't be as much battles in the next film as there were in this one. Maybe in the next film it will get better, cos the Uruk-Hai will have a bigger part... I wonder... Smile Smilie
As I understood the article it will mainly be about the battle at helms deep and it would be very bloody, maybe just like the braveheart scenes?
*stupid There will be more battles in TTT cos there are in the book!! Dear god Tommy, have you ever read it?
I KNOW THAT!!! Smile Smilie
It's just that I didn't think there were supposed to be so many battles in the first book! Smile Smilie Right? Smile Smilie
I do hope they will stick to the book, but they musn't turn the battles into some Braveheart scenes like Boring said... Big Smile Smilie
Why not the braveheart battle scenes were bloody brilliant Big Smile Smilie
Too right mate! And the bit where mel Gibson gets hung drawn and quartered! Big Smile Smilie
I didn't like the battle scenes in the first movie. Guess that's what makes me a chick... Big Smile Smilie
The battle scene in Moria was way too much, it should of been just a skirmish. The Boromir death battle was just fine.
I disagree about the moria battle scene - cimematically it was fantastic!!!!! As far as accuracy with the books - I haven't got a clue. I've only just started the series. I'm in the middle of TTT now - just after Helm's Deep (uh, and no elves there), and I don't remember the history of the battle at moria.
Question - do we know anything about TTT the movie? Is there anyway to find out how its going and if they plan to move up the release (at least to Thanksgiving?)
we know that filming has been completed, that it's all in post production and that we don't stand a cat in hells chance of getting the release date moved as it's been where it is for about 3 years now.
But the three films have already been shot, right? So it's a miracle we don't know much yet. Smile Smilie
The main thing I want to see in TTT is Legolas and Gimli going back and forth with who killed the most orcs or whatever the creatures are! That will be really good! I'm gonna be
so mad if they leave that part out! Angry Elf Smilie
I agree with ladyof legolas, that friendly banter is essential to the development of the friendship between the Elf and the Dwarf. I do so hope PJ left it in the movie.
Is it just me or does that sound not at all like something PJ would actually say?
*I Grondied my own post because Prog started a new thread that duplicated my comment and he said it better.*

See Grondy's TTT/HP article...see home page for the full scoop under The Two Towers thread.

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