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Thread: Link to The New LOTR: The Two Towers Trailer

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Tommie: Try loading the smallest version of the trailer first, that shouldn't get you the plank screen. You will may need to tell your firewall to let it through. Also be sure you are clicking on the compatible version for your computer. I usually ignore the downloads in the bottom half of the screen and click on those closer to the top. Hopes this helps. Oh and do you have a current version of QuickTime? I'm running Ver. 5.0.2 which I think 'The Skwrel' said won't work for him.
Gee Tommy, we should get together and we may have a complete trailer. I get the picture but no sound. The pics look fantastic. Big Smile Smilie
Thanks Grondy will try. Wanna see that trailer!! Cool Smilie

I have only just updated my version of Quicktime so I think I have the latest version now, but I'll update again. Big Smile Smilie
WOW, I downloaed the full screen version for the official LotR movie site @ - I CANNOT WAIT Super Scared Smilie
For our convenience has remove the direct link, but left a link to get to the official site, so I modified my instructions at the end of the article to get you there via the source article. We are stuck with the ever so slow Quicktime, but it is better than nothing. Smile Smilie

Small and medium size screens loaded quite fast; large creeped ever so slow; and I didn't have a week to wait for the full screen version. Big Smile Smilie

I'm still impressed. Jumping Flame Smilie

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Thumbs Up Smilie Okay, I loaded the full sized screen today. It wanted to play right away and outran the buffer within seconds, so when it stopped I just let it finish loading which it did after about 24 minutes with my cable modem. The wait was well worth it. The video was very clear. Cool Smilie
Super Wow Smilie I`ve got goosebumps all the way to my right little toe!

That was great! You know that feeling when you get exited `bout something and your feet feels like jelly or spaghetti? That`s the way I`m feeling right now! But I`m jelly everywhere! Big Smile Smilie
Don`t think I`ll move for a that...dissiness I feel?!

Weeeee! This made me much happier Wink Smilie

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[Edited on 3/10/2002 by Celebrian]
Ahh that wonderfull trailer..I got a tingling feeling in my tummy and a HUGE happy grin appered on my face and I drifted away into ME. God, I love this feeling!

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Wow, that looks great. I did the full screen version too, and Robbie, Kris and I sat down and watched it together. It was great. I am getting excited again. I can't wait to see the movie. I just hope it is as good as it looks.
*runs off to watch*
Exploding Head Smilie All I saw was a blank field. Very Sad Smilie And yes, I have quicktime on my computer. Exploding Head Smilie

It sounded pretty cool though. Big Smile Smilie
ummm, What happened to all of Tommie's posts? It says she only has 1 now, and I know she was over 2050 somewhere. She is far from a Forum Newbie.

Wish I could help you see the trailer Nell.
The trailer rules Big Smile Smilie
Shocked Smilie When was I a newbie? The horror!! The shame! Animated Wink Smilie

Was I? Missed it all, I'm afraid. Anyway, I'm a steward again, though I *only* have 1964 posts now. Orc Sad Smilie
I was paying attention for you Tommy. Us girls gotta stick together.