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*is having a cow

Okay, Elrond at Helms Deep I can understand....sort of, but Galadriel? What is she going to do? Sing the orcs to death?

The "real [sic] tragic followup to Arwen (Liv Tyler) and Aragorn's (Viggo Mortensen) love story,"

This could well be referring to the separation of Arwen and Elrond, and Arwen's sacrafice of her immortality. I cling to hope! Killing either one of them at this point would be highly counter-productive, but who knows?

Fran Walsh continues to make me cringe. You would think that a person would require a pretty substantial education to be a script writer, wouldn't you? (or would at least have a respectable editor handy) I feel that she is lacking, and that this shows up time and time again in the script - the film's greatest weekness.

Another example: "Our list of allies grows thin." Shaking Head Smilie Awful! If the good professor could hear Elrond mix a metaphor like that, he would probably burn all copies of his book. This woman should not be allowed to write scripts! So Angry Smilie I strongly suspect that the only reason she is permitted to do so is because she happens to be married to PJ.

OMG! The Smeagol/Gollum scene may as well be written off now.

Smeagol: Thats real pretty, Deagol
Deagol: Yeah, nice 'aint it?
Smeagol: Can I 'ave it?
Deagol: Nup. Its mine.
*They struggle. Smeagol kills Deagol.
Smeagol: B****r you Deagol.

So very true to Tolkien! (sarcasm)

Given all of the above, I think I can live with a welsh-sounding Treebeard. Rolling Eyes Smilie

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Hi-I'm new here,so i wown't nose in too much-for the moment Wink Smilie This is not a certain thing-just a rumour I read last week-Aragorn?dies at the end of RoTK in battle??As I said,it's not verified,and,as a reader of the book,i'd say it's the worse ideea ever.I'll see if i can find that site again and place the link hereps great forum!
If Arwen or Aragorn dies that will be the crunch for me and PT will completely disown the films. Just so lot know.
I think what we have here folks, is another website that is trying to pull our chains, which is why I didn't post that article a couple days ago, when I first found it. Taz probably posted it just to spin us up a bit. Elf Winking Smilie Remember: Not everything you read on the internet is the truth, it may have come from the 'Mouth of Sauron'. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Well I certainly hope so!! But I still think that the script will be the biggest weekness of the film Shaking Head Smilie

BTW Was something wrong with my "mixed metaphor" comment?

[Edited on 12/10/2002 by Allyssa]
I've read so much on the Internet about FOTR which didn't turn out to be true, that I don't think I'll bother again with this one. I've stopped worrying some time ago. I've been worrying about too much already. Tongue Smilie I mean, we'll see what's gonna come, right? Big Smile Smilie No matter what it is, we can handle it. Animated Wink Smilie
Well, you all know I'm usually the first one to discount internet rumors, ever since that crazy review thingy that I fell for, hook, line and sinker... Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie

Anywho, hopefully none of it's true. Just seeing it on the home page here made it seem a little bit too believable.

Anyone know if there even is such a thing as the French Premiere magazine? And who are these SyFy Portal people? Must check this out... Serching Smilie
I don't care what they do to it, as long as it looks pretty. I've stopped thinking of them as book adaptations, and I'm looking at them as movies in their own right. They're pretty ****ing good when you look at 'em that way. GIVE ME PRETTY SCENERY D@MN YOU! **** THE PLOT!
Right behind you there, Plastic.

If you expect, or want, the films to be identical to the books you will be disappointed. They will, however, be great films in their own right, with for the most parts an excellant cast, beautiful scenery and wonderful special effects. If anyone who enjoys Tolkien were to see the films before they had read the books, I'm sure few would be disappointed. Films very rarely follow their book scene for scene, and some are barely recognisable, so why do we expect these to be any different?

At least be thankful they have been made at all, and also that they have been made with the benefit of modern technology and effects. If they had been filmed in the 70's, they'd have been pretty poor probably, and would have probably prevented the new ones being remade.

I for one will watch them with an open mind, and I'm sure I will enjoy them. No doubt I will have certain gripes about them afterwards, but it will not stop me buying the video/DVD and watching them over and again.
Must admit it took me some time but I'm with you now guys. Cool Smilie
I've been hereing that two towers was going to have more action then the first fellowship of the Ring. I was quite surprised that they said the Fellowship was tyring through the movie. Some are saying its a similar saga as StarWars Big Laugh Smilie
I doubt it, that is just plan silly