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Glorfinel, you're frightening me..... take the crown. You're king of the Tolkien-geeks Mad Smilie
Yeah, you can have it, I don't have that kind of money for Movie tickets, or free time, or desire to go completely mad.... Wink Smilie
I once went to a double feature and although both movies were great (don't ask, I can't remember) I was utterly miserable by the end of the experience because of one thing: my @$$. Four plus hours in a movie theater seat is like ten hours sitting on concrete. I'm almost certain my cheeks were bruised!

While the idea sounds like fun, I think I'll pass. My advice, take a pillow or something soft to sit on and sit in the back row so you can stand once in a while. Your butt will thank you later Smile Smilie
Yeah... That's the cool thing. The theater that I'm going to is brand new. They have ultra comfy seats, cross-ways aisles (where guys with long legs can stick them out. Yay!) and pull up armrests (for gettin' cozy with the ladies Wink Smilie uh-huh!) Actually, it also that I REALLY LOVE Movies and LOTR. And doin' it with my buddies will hopefully make it all the more fun. But in truth we all embrace our geek-within differently. I feel that here, there is a great brotherhood of geekdom. Ain't it great!
Yeh but in the mean tiime you're left with your pillow smelling of @$$! you all know how hot cinema's get so if you are going to do this I sudgest you get an enema first!

I however am only going to see the Two towers once to see how much that Pj destroyed it compared to the last one then I can criticise him whilst being informed!
I am a Tolkien Uber Geek(roughly translates as a tolkien purist) do not mess with or I will cruss you like a paper cup, urgh, urgh , urgh, argh, crushed it eventually(curse this weak and feeble old body.... Hnag on I'm not Mr Burns, I'm Bender)

Pj bite my shinny metal @’’!
I went to a Star Wars marathon about 15 years ago showing the whole original trilogy back to back, that was cool. But the same movie? All day? I think I'll pass...
I went to a Star Wars marathon about 15 years ago showing the whole original trilogy back to back, that was cool. But the same movie? All day? I think I'll pass...

I went to that also it was cool I was four!
Hmmm, Ross. Well, I am usually a purist, but I think that PJ has done a fairly good job transfering the feel ot LOTR to the screen. My biggest problems that I have with his view is the attitude of Aragorn, who never shirked his duty to Gondor and his inheritance, the leaving out of the enamoration of Gimli and the gift giving of Galadriel. He made up for most of that with the Extended Ed, though for some silly reason they still messed up part of the gift giving. They still got most of the important stuff right. I really didn't mind the expanding of the role of Arwen to absorb that of Glorfindel. It helps for women to have a strong female role to connect to and Glorfindel is in the books a whole 5 minutes. I also appreciated the focusing on thier love to see a little more into their characters.

Now, PJ really did do a good job of keeping a Hollywood perspective out of it. I think he really tried to keep true to as much of the books as possible. And he had some of the finest people that love and know Tolkien's work help him. 2 of the best Tolkien artists: John Howe and Alan Lee, the fine people at Weta, the linguists and many others. He really tried to get the best people to help him.

When you make a film, you have to change things to condence a work as big as LOTR into it and one person's view about someone elses work is never the same as another's. Though it may be very close to some, it will be really far from others. If you were to make these films, no matter what you did, there would be people that would disagree with your view.

I think PJ has done a great job with an epic task and I look forward, with much glee, to indulge in the rest of his work on this.
I think you're pretty close with the marketing ploy, Grondy. I personally think some of the better parts of the film were deliberately omitted in the first place to make the DVD's seem even better. Though I love the extended DVD, I think it was really sneaky of them releasing three seperate ones of it first. I know two people who did buy a copy when it was first released, not knowing the extended version was coming out later (more fool them for not visiting Planet-Tolkien). It has had the result of really upsetting one of these guys, however, so much that he is refusing to go and see the other two films now.
You're right Glorfinel, I didn't like those wimpy Aragorn parts.

I bet I know what happens!! Eowyn comes along and helps Aragorn change his mind, and helps him find his true path! Wouldn't that just be the very brink of insanity??? Big Laugh Smilie
I would love to spend the entire day watching TTT, but unfortunately I don't have the R180 (that's cheap South African currency) to spend on the tickets for the whole day. Sad Smilie
But just you wait till I get my hands on the DVD - do you think they'll make an extended version of TTT and RotK? Tongue Smilie
What and pass up all those profits that they can rake in from you and me when we buy all four future sets to match the two sets we have already purchased. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie And then there will be the Platinum Edition which will probably be made up of all twelve DVDs and cost about $99 US. The foregoing is mere speculation on my part. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I think you could be right Grondy, George Lucas is doing that with the Star Wars Dvd's
I bought the August DVD version and a machine to play it on because I had only seen the FotR movie once in the theatre and couldn't wait the additional two months for the extended version which I had preordered. I wasn't impressed by the statues of the Argonoth and had I known there would be a statuette version DVD set, I still would never have sprung for it.