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Thread: Bombing Affects 'Rings' Premiere

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The above article was dated Monday, November 04, 2002 and was posted on the the main page on 07 November 2002.

Hopefully I'll fand another! Wink Smilie
S'ok, Orimono_Shujin.
Hopefully I'll fand another!

If you do find something of interest just e-mail the URL to myself or Grondmaster and we will look it over for possible posting under the articles section.
Thanks for keeping a lookout for LOTR/Tolkien news. Big Smile Smilie

I think this section of the forum Website Talk/News actually refers to news in and about Planet-Tolkien and its members.

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Oh... Once Again I'm Stupid! Cool Smilie Wink Smilie
Oh... Once Again I'm Stupid!

Not at all. In fact, it seemed like a very logical place to post the story. Smoke Smilie
Not to mention the fact that it has brought it back to our attention so we can go into the Articles archive and read it if we missed it the first time (which I did).

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I thought this looked familar, but could not place where I had seen it. I was also wondering why Grondy had not placed it on the Main page with the other articles. HMMmmm. Guess it is me being stupid now, because Grondy did do that and that is why it looked familiar. lol.

Thanks for the info Ori and Nell. Guess Mellie needs to engage her brain today. lol