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If the Grey Riders don't play a part in it... I'd also like the Sons of Elrond to be with them too.
If Gimli doesn't see Saruman when the horses run away the night before we meet Gandalf the White in Fangorn Forest.
I'm 100% with The Skwerl on this one. The one scene I've been looking forward to the most in TTT is the Ent assault on Isengard. I will not be happy camper if that gets cut.

But I'm pretty sure it's in, as I read a review that hinted at it. Big Smile Smilie
I think its in too, when I saw that new tv clip it looked like the Ents were at Isengard.

There's one thing that I wonder at the Return to Middle Earth special I saw, the narrator says that the battle of Helm's Deep is fought by Men and Elves. Elves?!?!?!? I don't remember there being any elves at this battle!! Except for Legolas of course.
I think maybe PJ has granted part of Legolas' pre-battle wish:
But you comfort me, Gimli, and I am glad to have you standing nigh with your stout legs and your hand axe. I wish there were more of your kin among us. But even more would I give for a hundred good archers of Mirkwood. We shall need them. The Rohirrim have good bowmen after their fashion, but there are too few here, too few. - TTT, Book III, Chapter 7 entitled 'Helm's Deep'
I really want to see the part where Pippin looks into the palantir

Sorry to dissapoint you,Ringfacwen,but I have a quite certain info they flushed this part... Sad Smilie Here it only comes on 28feb...sniff...but i'll get to see it this week,too! Big Smile Smilie
I want to see....well..everything!
As long as the changes aren't for the worse I'll be happy.
uh... should we answer the questions here... ok.. maybe we shouldnt....

lets not ruin for those that cant get to see it yet..
even though the premeir date has passed I haven't seen it yet and am going to have to say that the part that I wanted to see the most was Shelob but I know that was flushed Sad Smilie
Well Ringfacwen, sounds like your gonna be pretty disappointed with TTT. Nearly everything you mention is either cut or drastically improv ...changed. Big Laugh Smilie

The Ent attack is awesome.

Shelob didn't get flushed, just bumped to The Return of the King. As I suspected, her majesty is hinted to at the end of TTT.
Sad isn't it!!! Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
They have cut or replaced almost everything you guys mentioned!!
We get to do it all over again before ROTK comes out!