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Thank you Elfstone and welcome to our forum. Happy Elf Smilie

The thank you is for your post which has told me: To reject my self imposed martyrdomish boycott, and to go see the movie when I am able. To just chalk up PJ's version as a completely different story and to enjoy it for its own sake. And finally to forget about comparing it to the middle third of Tolkien's masterpiece as that is hopeless. Of course if I ever meet Peter Jackson in person he will get an earful, Angry Elf Smilie unless the final film in the series is such a success in my eyes that I can overlook the inadequacies of the second. Angel Smilie
Welcome, Elfstone! Please, don't be a stranger.

I enjoyed the film immensely and yes, I'm a fan of the books FIRST. That doesn't mean I have to close my mind to all other interpretations and adaptations.

I truly believe that the Peter, Phillipa and Fran's intentions were nothing but good (they are all devout Tolkien fans and they come off as genuine, at least to me) and that they only made changes where they believed it was necessary for various reasons, but especially for the benefit of those who have not read the books. For that reason, I'm quite satisfied with the films thus far and I have every confidence that The Return of the King will be just as satisfying.

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Thanks to all for the kind welcome, and Prog I promise that I won't be a stranger! I'm definitely trying to make my peace with the film, and the best thing that has come out of all of this, is that I have found PT (thanks for pissing me off PJ). I hope that I haven't come off as being closed minded, or not open to necessary changes that need to be made for the sake of making the movie, because I'm certainly not that way. It's just that I too trusted PJ, Fran, and Phillipa's intentions, and I also perceive them to be genuine in their passion for Tolkien's work, and based on what had been achieved with FOTR I had no reason to believe otherwise. I think the main reason I was so upset initially was because I trusted them, and what I saw the first time was just so unexpected. There are definite positives though, and that's what I'm really trying to focus on now.

Also, Ringfacwen I was really upset that we didn't get to see the things you mentioned as well (as stated in my first review of TT), but staying on the positive side, I'm fairly certain we will at least get to see that scene in ROTK. I can't see how PJ could not include that part. Personally, outside of the last 3 chapters of book 4, that is my favorite part of TTT. I've been reading a ton of reviews on the movie, as it has been helping my perspective, and making me feel better, and a lot of people have been saying that PJ said that TT would be the one film that would be the least like the book, and that ROTK would be more like FOTR in terms of staying closer to the true story, I just pray that this ends up being the case! BTW, GM I think you should go see the movie. The fact that you have heard so much about it will protect you, but you will be outraged with certain things (as you have long perceived), there's no way to sugar coat that.
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I agree with you all...for the first bit of the movie, I didn't enjoy it, but when I decided to enjoy it just as a movie, it was a lot more enjoyable. The movie is a great movie, and the book is a wonderful book, and although they are roughly the same story, it's just not worth it to try and compare the two.
Welcome to Planet Tolkien, Elfstone and thankyou for sharing your review with us.

I loved both of the films, but I must admit to coming out of the Two Towers a little disappointed. Last year when I first saw FotR, I was not sure what to expect, and how I would feel. I came out of the cinema feeling as though I had achieved one of my life's goals.

With the Two Towers, however, I had already seen the quality of the first film and knew what to expect from the second. So TT was already onto a loser compared with FotR in that my expectations were extremely high. It had a massive barrier to cross before it even began. Any change from the book then stood out, and could not be lost within the beautiful countryside or special effects.

There were disappointments for me. Faramir could have been a bit more noble (although I maintain his honourable character does not really emerge until RotK), and the river scene with Aragorn was a waste of time. His death scene was good though, being lifted from the appedices.

I went back yesterday and watched it again. As you found, the second viewing was better than the first, and I noticed many small details I had not seen first time around.

Although the elves were not meant to be at Helm's Deep, I must admit I got a lump in my throat when they turned up. It was a stirring scene. The elves did play a major role in defending Middle Earth during the War of the Ring. This was maybe PJ's way of letting people know he had not forgotten the sacrifices they had made.

I can hardly wait now for the extended DVD to come out. I'm sure many of the bits that niggle us because of their absence will perhaps be in there, and hopefully (as was the case for his brother) some redemption for Faramir too.
You've seen it twice already?! I still haven't seen it at all Sad Smilie but hopefully after christmas Smile Smilie
Val, I agree with you on Aragorn's death scene. I really enjoyed that part since it was right out of the appendices.
Also, possibly to the surprise of a few, all of the extra Arwen stuff really doesn't bother me that much as it seems to be helping to add some emphasis to the Elves leaving for the Grey Havens. I'm glad PJ is putting some focus to this part of the story, because I feel this is something he could have easily nixed had he chosen to do so for the sake of making the movies.
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After seeing the movie a few times, Aragorn's death scene with Arwen has become by favorite part. Even though I tend to think of the end of the 3rd book (Frodo leaving Sam) as the sad part, Aragorn's eventual death is really the saddest part because it's final.
Also, possibly to the surprise of a few, all of the extra Arwen stuff really doesn't bother me that much as it seems to be helping to add some emphasis to the Elves leaving for the Grey Havens.
I also like the parts with Arwen a lot, it's something that I think actually benefited the movies by being added into them.
I think the TTT was good, but they still got Faramir all wrong. i dont have a very good memory, but i dont think Faramir took Frodo, Sam and Gollum to Osgiliath.
LOL Per...ya. Faramir is so much like Boromir in the movie, but in the book, he wasnt that much like Boromir. actually, hardly at all.