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Thread: Is L.O.T.R, The Two Towers good? If so , Whats your favourite scene?

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Sheryl, first of all, hello! I personally have mixed feelings about the film. There are things that I like, and things that I don’t like. If you would like to know more about what other people think about TTT, I would encourage you to look in the TT section of the forum board (if you haven’t done so already) where a lot of people (including myself) have offered their thoughts on the movie. I would also recommend checking out the reviews of TTT, which you can access on the home page (again, if you haven’t already).

Anyway, in regards to your specific question, my two favorite parts are Gandalf fighting with the Balrog, and the breaking of Isengard. I thought these scenes were extremely well done, and in my opinion, were two of the biggest positives of the movie. Also, I would have to say that Gollum is my favorite character in the movie, just because they did such an amazing job with him (I think his character alone makes the movie worth seeing), but Gandalf is my favorite character in the LOTR story overall. I’m sorry your Mom won’t let you see the movie, but I think you are going to have to find a way to sneak it in(sorry Mom).
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Not to advocate sneaking around behind your mom's back or anything ( Wink Smilie ), but you should definitely find a way to see the movie.

My favorite character was probably Gollum, which sort of surprised me, considering how much I disliked him in the books. The scenes where he's arguing with himself are really well done.
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TTT was great in my opinion it was better than film one but i didn't like that whole Aragorn, Arwen, Eowyn love triangle thing i thought that was rather ummm...unecessary anyway my favorite scene would have to be when Haldir and the elven army showed up at Helm's Deep that was a great scene! The battle was splendid! Big Smile Smilie

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My favourite scene I'm not quite sure of because I thought the entire movie was so great. But if I had to pick it would have to be the opening sequence that begins with beautiful picturs of snowy mountains and then it zooms in towards a mountain side and you hear Gandalf's voice saying "You shal not pass...." and then you come in on the same scene that was in FoTR with Gandalf and the balrog on the bridge(just from a different angle) and when Gandalf sais "Fly, you fools!" and lets go of the edge you follow Gandalf down into the darkness an see him fighting the balrog.(wow that was a long scentence) The reason I liked that scene was that I think it was a wonerful way of begining the movie. I was so worried when I sat in the theatre before the movie started. How would they begin the movie, I thought, and pictured the worst ways they could have done it, like a summary of FoTR or a narrator telling us what had happened or something horrible like that... I was SO impressed by the way they had done it!
Gollum/Smeagol argument was also one of my favourites and Gimli's "toss me. But don't tell the elf."

As for favourite character that's EOWYN!! She is just amazing! I want to be just like her!! Miranda Otto does a great job! Gollum comes quite close though(Oscar for Andy!!!)
I almost forgot another scene I thought I should mention... It really made me burst into laughter annoying everyone else... When Aragorn. Legolas and Gimli has met Gandalf again and Gandalf whistles for Shadowfax he is wearing a pair of white eeeh... what's that word... where is my dictionary... can't find it... oh, well... some kind of basket shoes or something with shoe laces... And when they enter the hall of Theoden he is wearing the same shoes. It just looks really weird. Didn't know they had that sort of shoes in ME...
Definetly Aragorn and Theoden charging out of Helm's Deep!!!!!Hey,!!!Ideea!!!Tell your mom to look round here on the forums-the movie threads-maybe she'll change her opinion.Cause TTT is G-R-E-A-T!
My favorite part was when Gollum and Smeagol talked with each other. Big Laugh Smilie

I haven`t seen L.O.T.R, The Two Towers because, my mum doesn`t like those sort of films. So I can`t see it down at the pictures!

What does your mom not like about it? Magic? Creepy gross things? Orcs eating orcs? The heavy body count?
My favourite scene, if I had to pick one, is the opening scene where Gandalf is fighting the Balrog, but the movie is filled with many other wonderful and fantastic scenes.
Thanks you guys! I saw it on friday! I didn`t come on here yesterday, so I couldn`t update anything. Sad Smilie
I t was the BEST!!! Big Smile Smilie
My favourite scene was...
Oh, I can`t belive it! I can`t decide it was that good! Big Laugh Smilie
Stonehelm, the things my mum don`t like, are the goblins, orcs, uruk hai and the rest! Big Laugh Smilie
But, me and my dad manage to get her to come! (After watching FOTR at home of coarse!) She said, once we`d come back from TTT, that she`d rather enjoyed it! (I knew she would!)
Thanks for all your replys! Big Smile Smilie
My favorite scene was when Sam's cooking the stew and all around them you can hear the calls of the Ithilien Rangers sounding like pheasants. It was the anticipation of knowing I was soon going to see how Faramir was going to be portrayed.

They then move to the edge of the rise and see the Haradrim army marching through, oblivious to the fact they are going to be ambushed at any moment. That ambush was brilliant in that you usually don't get to witness an ambush filmed in such a way... you are either setting up the ambush, or you are caught in it, not an innocent by-stander.
My favourite scenes are when Gollum is argueing with Smeagol, When Gandalf the Grey and the Balroq are fighting and the battle at Helm’s Deep. These scenes are great plus many many others. Big Smile Smilie
I do not think TTT was good, but it wasn't bad either.

I loved the Gandalf vs. Balrog scene that really set my mood for the movie, but unfortunately the other good part was at the end of the movie (Ents vs. Saruman & co)
the rest was varying from bad to ok.

as for gollum i really didn't like him! ughhhh he was so kewl in the books.
He still was to hobbit like for me and his voice dodn't sound very nasty to me

but maybe i was still trying to compare it with the book and i know i shouldn't do it because the books are just very different.

But the casting for Eomer was very good what an Eomer he was great!

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I’d say it's the scene when smeagle is arguein with him self Jumping Flame Smilie
Boring you`re intitled to your own opinion, but I really liked the film. It was funny! In some parts I was Big Laugh Smilie. I was glad I saw it. It was better than FOTR!
Thanks for describing your favourite scene and for all your replys! (Good or bad.)
I can't decide which scene is my favourite...maybe Helms deep or the scene with the Ents...all I can say is that the movie was GREAT!!!
Although PJ made that lot of changes I liked the film, just compare it to other fantasy-movies.....(I’ve seen Dungeons and Dragons lately...URgh Dead Smilie )

One of my favorite scenes is Smeagols discussion with Gollum, quite funny... Big Laugh Smilie
I just had to say that I think that HOWARD SHORE AND HIS ORCHESTRA IS THE AINUR TRIBUTING IL’VATAR! Big Laugh Smilie
I really loved the movie and I’m going to see it again next saturday! Big Smile Smilie But I can’t decide who’s my favourite character, because I like them all! But if I have to pick it would probably be Gandalf and Gollum! And my favourite scene is when Gollum is talking to him self. Big Laugh Smilie And the battle of Helms Deep and the battle of Gandalf and the Balrog are also very good and so many more little details! Big Smile Smilie
I hear ya, Aule. And I agree! Howard Shore outdid FotR on this one, no question!
This movie is stunning! It's so hard to pick a favorite anything, that's how good it is. The scene of Gollum's inner debate with himself is wonderful and very funny and the battle of Helm's Deep is so well done, but it's the ending and how it builds up to the final movie that was my favorite part. I'm sure TTT will be nothing compared to the 3rd one!
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I hear ya, Aule. And I agree! Howard Shore outdid FotR on this one, no question!
Well I bought the LotR: TTT soundtrack album and I'm not impressed with the music this time. Maybe I will be when I see the Movie for the second time when the DVDs come out next Autumn. For the present, I'd rather listen to the LotR: FotR soundtrack album. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Nobody has mentioned the part in TTT where Gandalf restores Theodin from his brainwashing. I loved how they snuck into the king's court, and kept Gandalf's staff like a walking stick and once the other people in the court knew that something was up, the Fellowship held them back under threat of force...and then how the King came back into his own mind right before our eyes. It was neat! If you didn't know the characters and their intentions, and just hopped into the scene outside its context, you would have sworn that the fellowship was a bunch of bad guys storming the castle to hurt the King. But they weren't now, were they???? Wink Smilie
and then how the King came back into his own mind right before our eyes.
Oh I'm sorry Music but that scene was so poorly made!!! My jaw nealy hit the floor when I saw it!! Such great specials effects in the rest of the movie and such a poor transformation from old to young(er) Theoden.. You can clearly see the two different shots they used, and they don't even lie correctly on top eacother (especially look at the hair)! But except that and the Saruman flying across the room thing and some wierd I totally agree with you Music. Wink Smilie
I didn't notice that Amarie with two dots above your E.

I've seen the movie twice and I'm sure I will see it again. I will keep my eyes peeled for the technical problems of the scene. Thank you very much you have probably ruined it for me FOREVER now. HAHAAH Wink Smilie
I've gotta say, even though my views on the movie has somewhat been dampered since I got here and started talking to Virumor and Ross, I still think it's great. I couldn't have done better myself so I shouldn't complain at all. Big Smile Smilie

My favourite scene.. it's hard to say, I guess it would be every scene were Sm’agol discussed with Gollum. That was just so cute and very, VERY nicely done. Not only the special effects, but the way he changed his facial expression and the voice! WOAW! Smile Smilie
I loved the movie it was the coolest!!!!!!!!
My favorite character is Aragorn. (duhh! he's so hot!!!)
I would have to say that the very favorite moment if at HD when the battle is about to begin, and is starts raining, there is a lighting and Legolas' eyes look really cool in that very second that's the best thing! (was that detailed or what??) Cool Smilie Cool Smilie
Well I bought the LotR: TTT soundtrack album and I'm not impressed with the music this time.

I totally agree with you grondy. I bought the exact same thing and I was not overall pleased with it.

Arwen, I`m really sorry, but Legolas Is the cutest! Aragorn comes second on my list! Don`t you think Legolas is cute? If you don`t, you`re MAD!!!

Oh, just like to say, I saw the film January, I loved it!! LEGOLAS, LEGOLAS, LEGOLAS!

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