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I haven't heard the soundtrack by itself, but I intend to. I remember sitting in the movie and thinking how great it was...eventually I'll get ahold of the CD...
Hope you will like, chikakat.
I got the soundtrack today!! (as a very belated Christmas gift from 2 of my best friends)
Just finished listening to it, it is awesome!!!!
Evenstar is my favourite track - it goes right to the heart, and I also really liked The King of the Golden Hall, especially the parts done with the Norweigen fiddle!
Unfortunately I didn't really like Gollum's Song - on its own it's okay, but it doesn't fit in with the theme or feel of the movie (I'm not talking about the lyrics, but the overall sound of the song) maybe it will grow on me.

One thing I can't figure out is where the lyrics named in the CD booklet as 'The Ents' and 'The Missing' fit in... I think the latter is from 'Evenstar' but I can't quite make it out, if so why would they use Old English in a song about an elf?
Could anyone fill me in here?????
Oh yes... before I seem ill-mannered...Welcome to Planet-Tolkien JonasG - hope you enjoy it here.
I love the soundtrack!! I've been listening to it over and over I think "Evenstar" is my favourite although they're all great to listen to. Except Gollum's song, it's a bit to weird even for me.
Thank you, Arwen*Evenstar*.

I must say that I don't think Gollum's Song fit, either, but I like it anyway. I think the feelings Gollum have are showed quite well in it.
I have not got TTT soundtrack yet, I liked the FOTR soundtrack though.
I got the TTT soundtrack and I think it's great! I like "Evenstar" and "The King of The Golden Hall" also, and "Gollum's Song" is a bit weird but Gollum is a bit weird also, so they fit together. But I must say my fave part was actually the fellowship theme which was brought from FOTR, it's at the beginning of "Riders of Rohan", and when I hear it I just get this big smile on my face for no obvious reason Big Smile Smilie
I wonder why Enya isn't featured in TTT s/track though?
I haven't bought TTT soundtract yet, but am thinking of doing so.
I wonder why Enya isn't featured in TTT s/track though?
Probably because PJ didn't feel Arwen needed to sing and also because he may have heard the Plastic Squirrel complaining that she sang in FotR. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Hooray! No Enya!!!
Exactly HOW weird is Gollum's song? Weird enough for me to enjoy? Perhaps a bit of soundtrack I might NOT hate?
A wee bit psychedelic, isn't it? Perhaps a nod to sixties drug culture that played no small part (much to Tolkien's chagrin) early in the LotR phenomenon. Ok, so maybe I'm reaching a little here...

But did anyone else take note that the term Pipeweed was abandoned for just plain Weed? I've seen some eyebrows raised over that one.
I think Emiliana Torrini (who sings Gollum's Song) sounds a bit like Bjork.
Arwen, you're right, she does sound a bit like Bjork.

I think I made a mistake about the fellowship theme, it's not in "The Riders of Rohan" but in "The Uruk-Hai". Didn't realise the CD player was set on 'shuffle' and messed up the order of the songs. Tongue Smilie