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I really liked all the charecters in TTT, but I guess Aragorn would be my favorite.

I have five years of fencing lessons under my belt, and I know how to use a sword! Big Smile Smilie
Wow Stonehelm, that's pretty impressive, I've always thought that it would be pretty cool to know how to fight with a sword!

Favorite character in TTT film, Gollum.
Favorite character in the LOTR story overall, Gandalf.
Favorite character in the entire history of Ea, I'm still working on that one.
Elf Winking Smilie
Elanor_J: Welcome to our forum. Happy Elf Smilie

I agree with you, Eowyn was my favorite character in TTT; however, Gollum was pushing her for first place. Super Wow Smilie
Thank you Grondmaster.
And yes, Gollum came second for me as well. I really hope Andy gets an Oscar for it because I think he did an awsome job!
Eowyn is kind of the one I look up to and would really like to be. So in a way they both come first but in different ways, Gollum for Andy's great way of bringing him to life in such a great way and Eowyn because she is the one I kind of see a bit of myself in.
I totally agree with you remi! Elves are the coolest and Legolas is the coolest out of them!!
I to, thought it was brilliant when Legolas mounted his horse while it was running! Also, when Legolas used his shield as a skateboard while shooting Orcs!
Those two were some of my favourite parts!

(But Gollum was close, though!) Wink Smilie
remi, did you know that Legolas is the son of the Elvenking in The Hobbit? But I agree with you. I couldnt stand the elves of Mirkwood as they were represented in TH either. I wonder if it has anything to do with dwarven p.o.v. or something....

Well, anyways, Miranda Otto makes a lovely Eowyn. Even better than I thought she would be. She does the whole coy-innocent-girl-yet-trained-warrior thing very well. We see her girlish infatuation with Aragorn very clearly.

She is my favourite actor from TTT.

My favourite character is still Aragorn. Big Laugh Smilie
I pretty much love all the characters...but my favorites are Aragorn and Legolas...Gimli is great too, he's really funny in the movie. As for movie roles i like them all...Is it just me or was Brad Douriff's Wormtounge really cool!! I thought he looked awesome and did a great job!
Legolas is my favorite character in the first movie but in TTT i'd have to say Gollum, he is very funny and mysterious in his own way.
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As always I loved Legolas, but if I had to pick a new character I would say Eowyn! She's played by such a good actress! (Miranda Otto)
My favourite character in TTT was Legolas! Elf Smilie
What was everyones favorite new character from TTT? I guess for me it would be Eowyn.
My favourite new character is treebeard! He’s so wise and one of the oldest ents on Middleearth.

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I`d have to say my new favourite character is: GOLLUM! Big Smile Smilie
Is Gollum a new character? He was a bit in the first movie
Hmm....... from the new caracters on first place Grima Wormtongue, strange I didn’t like him very much in the book, but in TTT he is awesome,Brad Dourif did such a great job...Second I think it was Gollum(not a new caracter at all but...) and last but not least Eowyn.

But Legolas is still my favorite.........*sigh*

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God...that’s unpardonable..........I FORGOTT TREEBEARD!!! Very Sad Smilie
my was treebeard!!! Smile Smilie (and a bit Piipin, but he didn't do so much in this film as in tFotR....) In the all three movies put together, Pippin is the one i like the moste. he do and say so many sweet and cool stuff!!! Smile Smilie and is pretty stupid sometimes, just like i am! Smile Smilie
Yeah Treebeard was great, I think they did a great job with him.
My favourite character was Gollum

Why?? because he's the only one in the movie with character. (even two characters to be precise)

Sorry. I`d have to say Eowyn. Smile Smilie
As my new character of coarse. Cool Smilie
I love her personalaty. Smile Smilie I`m not gay though, just in case you`re thinking that! Great character! Big Smile Smilie Cool Smilie Smile Smilie
Sheryl: Why not just use your edit button to add on more comments? Elf Winking Smilie
I really liked Gollum (which surprised me a bit...)... Tongue Smilie
Thanks for the info Grondy! Wink Smilie
Aragorn and Arwen' I just love the combination of the two.
ummm well Frodo is my favourite character usually... but... I have to say Samwise the Brave was the one this time!

He was excellent! Smile Smilie

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The ring had turned Frodo into a sort of, not evil, not such a good a person as he used to be. He was never my favourite character anyway. I did like him but, my favourite character always seems to be LEGOLAS. Not just because he`s the sexiest of them all, but because he`s a cool and wise character.
Samwise Gamgee did seem very very noble this time round. He was in FOTR as well but he was extremely noble this time through. I like he`s personalatity in LOTR and I think he will be noble all the way through ROTK as well, as Frodo`s friend. If he isn`t, then I will be very disappointed!
I can`t wait to see all the characters again in Christmas 2003! Big Laugh Smilie

Especially LEGOLAS! Tongue Smilie

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Great combination:
Aragorn and Arwen!

Oh and by the way:

Big Laugh Smilie
I was surprised by the fact that I liked Faramir so much. But I would still have to say Legolas is my favourite carachter. Big Smile Smilie
I never knew Eru=God, I must write that down b4 I get confused!....

I`ve decided on a new character for one of my favourites! Samwise Gamgee....Now I have 2! Big Smile Smilie
Don`t you mean *character* I totally agree with you about Legolas. He`s always been my favourite character!! Big Laugh Smilie
Well...I like all elves in LOTR so you can say I am for Legolas too though I didn't like his attitude at times!
What sort of attitude in the film didn`t you like? I was okay with the attitude. Actually, I didn`t notice any attitude.

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Exactly. Most religions just potray the same god in a different way.
If I got this right Elda then Sheryl she meant that he was a bit too cocky against Gimli and yelling at Aragorn thinking that men are weaker than elves....but they are not.....the race of men are in some ways stronger than elves AND ainur as well as they are weaker in some ways than elves and ainur....and dwarves to..Big Smile Smilie

well did I get it right Elda?
ELF POWER, that`s all I`m going to add.
Eru?? I pray to God....
Eru is God. It's just His elven name like Allah and Jahve is His arabic and jewish(?) names. Tolkien was a religious man and would never create another god.
And what is with EOMER????????????

He is great IMOH!!!!!!!!
Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
Believe me ;-)

But I realy like Hama, I think he is great.........great warrior and a good adviser or/ and frend of the king.

I lied Eomer, but from what I`ve heard, he`s supposed to be different to what he is in the book.
I lied Eomer
sorry Sheryl I have a question, what is the meaning of the word lied ?? I think you didnt mean lied as a fals statement *g* but sorry I realy dont want be great when you can help me ;-)

but from what I`ve heard, he`s supposed to be different to what he is in the book.

I dont think so. I was reading the book and not only ones I dont think that he is quiet different as his Book-charakter?! As an example:The scene in the Kings-Hall, when Eomer attakt Grima it stands like this in the book....tell me please which scenes are different is intressting to talk about this. Bey
Heehee, i think there is a post just like this in another part of the Forums. but il repeat myself!...
1st favorite: Faramir!!!!
2nd Favorite: Tom Bombadil
3rd Favorite:PIPPIN! he is SO kool!
4th Favorite: Glorfindel small part or no part hes still kool
5th Favorite: OK! i give up. Legolas
When she wrote:
I lied Eomer, but from what I`ve heard, he`s supposed to be different to what he is in the book.
She meant:
I liked Eomer, but from what I`ve heard, he`s supposed to be different in the scenes to what he is in the book.
Big Smile Smilie

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My favourite characters in the film are propably Theodan, Treebeard, Gollum and Legolas (by the way Faramir was great in the books but he sucked in the film).
Thanks for clearing that up for me Grondy. I got a little confused there. Thank you. Big Smile Smilie
I got a lot of favourites but I can’t be bothered to bring them all here is one of them: Aul’!!!!!Big Smile Smilie who else?:P
Prepare for a big disapointment Aul’, you are going to be left out of 'LotR: RotK'; you may bet money on it! And we already know you didn't make it into the preceding movies, Eru only knows why. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
OH NO!!! AULE!! I`ll never see your valar face, What will I ever do?? Wink Smilie
Hahahaha well all you have to do Sheryl is to pray to Eru that PJ or another director makes The Silmarillion into a motion picture:P
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