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Thread: These are my coments.What are your`s?

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Sheryl: If you don't get many replies to your questions in this thread, don't take it personal, it is because they have mostly been answered in the upper ten threads here under The Two Towers. Happy Elf Smilie

I understand your excitement, for I didn't get to see the movie until last Sunday. Now I can hardly wait for the DVDs so I can see it again. Cool Elf Smilie
TTT was great,great,great!!!
I really loved it(lucky/unlucky me I haven't read the books yet so I was standing right in the cinema when I watched it Smile Smilie
It was exciting and I got it on my PC now watching it every day :P
I just can't get enough of it
I think Legolas was a whole lot cooler in TTT, which I liked very much. It brought out his personalaty a bit more that FOTR did. Cool Smilie
TTT was OK, but I liked better FotR...the Legolas-horse thingy tops my list of stupid things in TTT, tragic...I can't wait for Return of King, first then will I make up my mind about the films.

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I really tried to avoid this becoming just a "I agree"-post, but i failed.. Sad Smilie
Elda, how did you get it on your PC??
I`ll wait....
There must be a site where you can download it, somewhere...
Sure you can download TTT 'somewhere' but it is a) illegal, b) not worth it due to the bad quality. Just wait for the DVD to come out next century. Big Laugh Smilie
'Somewhere' = Kazaa
I have a very nice quality DVD copy thanks. Got it off a bloke in a pub for ’3, it says something like "to the Academy, for your consideration" over the screen every now and then, and the chapters are all over the place, but it's more than watchable. Except that I just lent it to my brother who has to watch it, and then post it back from Birmingham to me before I get to see it again. note, this is also illegal, but it helps to fill the gap between theatrical release and official DVD release, which I'll have to get anyway for the extras and suchlike.