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Welcome to PT, Enchanta. I am so glad that you have joined us in the forum.

If you take a look at the TTT threads here,I think you will find many other share your views about PJ's adaptation. But it is just that, an adaptation based on Tolkien's LOTR. When it comes to the film industry the name of the game is money. It costs a tremedous amount of money to bring Middle Earth to life and consequently, some changes had to be made to draw in as large as audience as possible. That is a hard pill to swallow for Tolkienites.
On a positive note, the films have brought many new readers to Tolkien's world and I am very grateful for that even if I didn't like seeing Elves at Helm's Deep and Frodo and company taking a side trip to Osgiliath.
Well, you're definitely right with that trip to Osgiliath : that's rather absurd.

But Sauron could've thought that Faramir had taken Frodo as his prisoner to Minas Tirith and that Denethor would use the Ring !!

Also, according to Gandalf 'not using to Ring but rejecting it and destroying it' would never come into Sauron's mind.

So, maybe you're a little harsh here...

At least Gollum was splendid!
Thanks for your comments and my welcome Rednell ... I'm sure I get over it ... eventually Wink Smilie
Welcome to PT Enchanta, and I agree with your gripes. When I saw TTT for the first time, I was upset, but after seeing it for a second time, I'm in a much better place, and as Remi said, I think you will be too. I'm actually looking forward to seeing it for a third time, but when the Osgiliath scene comes up, that's when I have to down my little travel bottle of whiskey that I stash in my wife's purse, cause that's the only way I can make it through that God awful mess. That is by far the biggest thing that bugs me about TTT.

(plastic merely fixed some language that might offend)

Rednell, I couldn’t agree with you more on your point about the film industry (see my rant about that in the "be grateful you were even able to view TTT" thread).
Elf Smilie

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well,all the wondering is over.Weall saw the movie and I for one left the theater sad. I applaud pj and the movie makers for their skill in visually representing all the non-human characters of the books so far. I even thought that they did a fair job of exploring Gollum's slinker/stinker self. But allmovie magicaside, who didn't leave the theater feeling sorry for anyone who hasn't read the books. I find it appalling that Hollywood and her cousins can't find within one of the most widely read stories of all time characters, motivations, plots and ... gumption to portray the world and events of middle earth as JRR described them. I've waited my life for the entire trilogy to come to movies, and when I left the theater on opening day I was ashamed of what I saw. It was like looking at poor counterfeiting, a Clinton dollar bill. I"ll still see the third of the setand buyan extended version TTT (if they come out), but how do I explain to folks how this sham is so important to me. The worst thing is that many people don't even know they were ripped off. Typical of today, quality IS skin deep. Cut further and the crap falls out. I hope some of JRR's effort will live in the third movie. My zeal has turned to doubt, but no matter...if you know someone who is planning to see TTT for a second time (and I did see it twice) tell them to save their moneyand use it to but a good version of the trilogy. Maybe the lesson is not to think that someone else can do your imagining for you! Smoke Smilie