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I think the majority of people who have seen the film are in agreement with you, Nillammenwen. I would say the majority of those who have read the books are too, but most of those are perhaps disappointed over one or two scenes.

When anyone asks me what my favourite films are, I don't even have to think it about it anymore (provided I can choose two)

I don't think ever before has anyone gone into such fine detail when making a movie. They truely are masterpieces.
I`m back! And I just wanted to say I agree Smile Smilie I have more to say about this, but I`m to tired today to write a long postBody....I`ll wait for other opinions and see if I can agree with them...saves me a great deal of time and writing Cool Smilie
You make a good point Nillammenwen, and I agree with what you say, there have been quite a few people upset about the changes in TTT, and I understand that, but we need to remember all the good and well done parts there are in the movie.
I agree with your point also Nillammenwen, but I think if you take a little more time to explore this site, specifically TTT forum, you will see that there has been a tremendous amount of discussion where people have focused on the things that they really liked about the movie. For example, take a look at the second review of the movie I did entitled second time around, where I choose to focus on the positive points of the film. Also, I’ve read every review on this website (as well as 100’s on others), and it certainly seems like to me that the vast majority of the reviews have all been extremely positive. Again, I agree with your point, and you are certainly entitled to your own opinion, but the people who are upset with certain things have a right to their opinion as well.
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I didn't say that people who were disappointed with the film weren't allowed their own opinion Elfstone, nor did i limit the dissatisfied reviews to this particular site. I know that there are far more good reviews than bad, i'm not trying to change that, i was just trying to get my point across as to how much effort had been put into the movies, and i know that a lot of people do realise how lucky they are to be able to watch The Lord of the Rings come to life. The thing is, it's those people who are forever wanting to change the movie that get on my nerves, and i all i can say is it's Peter Jackson's film, so he decides what goes in it. Nothing can change that, and i know that nothing can change the fact that other people have other opinions, i really do respect that. I'm sorry if i offended anyone for being in the mood for a whinge. Sad Smilie
Has anyone read the book The Lord of the Rings: The Making of the Movie Trilogy ? It's by Brian Sibley and it is such a great book to read if you want to know all the blood, sweat, tears and love that went into making the movies.

I got it for Christmas and it's been gathering dust since, but now you've recommended it, I might actually read it, thanks! I thought I knew enough from the bits off the extended Fotr, and all the magazine interviews with PJ I have from Empire and Total Film etc. I hope this has even more.
-Plastic the huge Peter Jackson fan who doesn't mind Tolkien much either.
Nillammenwen, no offense taken on my part, and I respect your opinion. The best thing about PT is that it gives us all a place where we can voice our feelings, viewpoints, and opinions. One of my greatest teachers once told me that ’you will never truly understand anything unless you know both sides of the issue’, and again, that’s one of the greatest strengths of PT, it gives us all an opportunity to constantly examine both sides of the coin. Also, I wasn’t trying to imply that you were trying to say that other people weren’t entitled to their own opinions, I was merely trying to point out that the people who are upset, and don’t like some of the things PJ did, have a right to feel that way. I just wanted to make sure that you were aware that there is, and has been, a lot of positive discussion about TTT, and that the majority of us hardcore Tolkienites are extremely grateful (even though we might not like everything) for what PJ has given us.

I do have to respectfully disagree with you on one thing however. Unfortunately, the LOTR films aren’t PJ’s they are New Lines. Yes PJ is directing them, so he gets to decide where, what, and how he wants to shoot, but again, unfortunately ultimately PJ does not get to decide what goes in them (at least not the theatrical versions anyway), New Line does. Since they put up the cash, they get the final say, and at the end of the day, they definitely don’t care about the real Tolkien fans, all they care about is the almighty dollar. To PJ’s credit, if he really got to decide what goes in the films, we would have got the extended version of FOTR in the theaters in the first place, because that’s what PJ really wanted us to see. Also, I have recently read that New Line shot down the original version of TTT that PJ submitted that he wanted to come out in the theaters. They sent PJ, and Co. back to the cutting room floor, and made them chop it up until it was in a form to New Lines satisfaction for the sole purpose of creating a box office cash cow.
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well with all respect, i think that we are allowed to share opinions about the movie...

look, as a movie, i think it was great,because i never felt the time running, and that is the way you know a movie is great.......,and however it were, i would have loved it....,and definitely i AM GOING to buy it...,

but on the other hand, whenever you try to film a movie based on a book, and not just any book, but a book which have been considered as the best fantastic novel of the 20th century,you SHOULD keep as tight to the book as you can....otherwise you ARE going to receive critics about it. Teacher Smilie

i think that we are quallyfied to give our points of view here, because i thought we all were tolkien fans, so every comentary we might say, it is just because each one of us have loved tolkien’s work.....and it does not mean we hate PJ or anything like that Wink Smilie
They sent PJ, and Co. back to the cutting room floor, and made them chop it up until it was in a form to New Lines satisfaction for the sole purpose of creating a box office cash cow.

Luckily, the extended version of the DVD will likely have whatever was cut out (or most of it, at least). Cool Smilie
Chika, there is a great list of the deleted scenes from TTT over at if you haven't seen it already. Just go to their home page, and in the upper right hand corner where it says the big news (or whatever) you will see the link to the list.
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Also read the article that yesterday I posted on our Home Page called "The Two Towers Extended Edition". Follow its link to the original article where it has screenshots from the spoilers that were not in the movie and speculation about whether they would appear on the Extended DVDs.
Good article Grondy, thanx!
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