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Elrond was played by Hugo Weaving, who also starred in 'Pricilla: Queen of the Desert' and as an agent in 'The Matrix' which kinda spoiled my idea of what Elrond should be like when I went to see the movie the first time cos I kept thinking back to his role in 'The Matrix'..."Human beings are a disease..." ack!
Anyway, about his appearance:
The face of Elrond was ageless, neither old nor young, though in it was written the memory of many things both glad and sorrowful. His hair was dark as the shadows of twilight, and upon it was set a circlet of silver; his eyes were grey as a clear evening, and in them was a light like the light of stars. From FotR p297
Not only Elrond was disappointing but faramir was a real turn off.... what a disappointment.

and elrond discussing with galadriel to sent elfs (haldir & co)

why does haldir name elrond as his sender ? didn;t he live in loth lorien and didn;t galadriel persuade elrond to sent help?
This was just more of PJ's infernal tinkering with Tolkien's plot, the reasons for which hopefully, will become apparent when we see the expanded DVD's next Summer. Elf Confused Smilie
Finally someone who -like me- doesn't like Elrond!

I think Elrond is plain bad in the movies...
In the books, Elrond raised Aragorn as his own son and great love arose between them - Elrond was like a father to Aragorn.

But in movies, it is sooooo different : Elrond says 'bout Aragorn 'he has forsaken that path a long time ago' when they're talking 'bout Aragorn's quest-to-be-the-King. Well eh, that's not exactly fathering to me... Also, in the books Elrond (reluctantly) just accepts Arwen's choice, he doesn't chase her away from Aragorn or minds Aragorn to dump his daughter...

No, Elrond is totally wasted to me in the movies Mad Smilie
PJ performed a cruel character assassination on Elrond that left me simillarly devistated.

Gone is the sweet, kindly, wise, loving half-elf and we have instead an angry, bitter control-freak. Elrond would never have behaved so oafishly - human blood or not. He was over 6000 years old, and should had gained enough wisdom to know better.

Hugo Weaving did the best he could, given the restrictions of the script and his personal self. Though I did feel that he got the voice right, if nothing else.

Elrond should have been protrayed as an elf, which is what he considered himself to be. He was not 'pent-up', nor would he have considered any of his children to be possessions. Elves also do not age, and Elrond was no excetion,
The face of Elrond was ageless, neither old nor young
(Thank you Arwen*Evenstar*). He was not supposed to look 50-something.

Poor Elrond. Stripped of all dignity by a medium he would not even understand.
I haven`t yet read the books. (I intend to though. Smile Smilie )
Elrond sort of disappointed me too. He seemed quite a nice character in FOTR. Big Smile Smilie But in TTT he seemed, not evil, but just not what I expected. Sad Smilie
You have to read the books Sheryl, Smile Smilie just don't expect them to be just like the movie. Wink Smilie

Okay Stonehelm, I`ll take your word for it. Wink Smilie
I hope I`m not too disappointed. Sad Smilie
Read the books now!
by order of Ross the Mad Muppet Catcher General

I thought that pretty much all of the characters stank in both the movies. By far the worst in TTT was Treebeard he was hasty (trying to squeese Merry and Pippin), dimwitted (bieng tricked by the fools of the fellowship) and not nearly friendl ennough.
Treebeard was a great character!!
Now that you're reading the books you'll understand when you get to him in the Two Towers!
Well done for starting to read the books! Big Smile Smilie