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I agree with you. Some changes are made cuz they are necessary, but he CAN'T Change the STORY!
I'm afraid I would have to disagree with that.

If you want the perfect story, read the book. If you want cinematic entertainment, watch the movie. PJ had every right to interpret the story the way he thought would appeal to the general audience, and not just catering to the Tolkien fans. He was in no way trying to replace Tolkien's work.

Do you think it would have been better if PJ produced the movie COMPLETELY identical to the book so that you wouldn't have to read it at all? Personally, I wouldn't, as it would draw people away from the literary masterpiece and focus completely on the movie...
I agree with you Erkenbrand. After all, if you made a movie, then it would be your visions and interpretation. Also, with a book, you can make your reader analyze, but with a movie you have to set it all out obvious for them.
I think it was a good choice making it funnier. I don`t like the ideas of adding in some scenes, but most of the scenes were great!
I loved what he did with the battle at Helms Deep!

Oh, and by the way, well said Erkenbrand!

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Well, I didnt really like the way Peter Jackson ommited stuff and then added unnecessary things of his own... as if Tolkien had got it wrong or something! For example, the Aragorn falling over the cliff thing! WHAT was that all about then?? Pointless...

Furthermore, I didnt like the way he messed with the characters. He turned Theoden into an arrogant, stubborn king, whereas he was a wise and kindly one!

Hes turned Frodo into a COMPLETE wimp!!

All this said... if you take the film on its own merits... I love it! Comparing it to the book?? Well it just doesnt does it?
Read the News Article I posted 27 Jan 2003 on the Home page entitled "Taking liberties in 'The Two Towers'." I think the postAuthorID said it all, do you agree?
Well, after seeing the movie(s) i can understand why Christopher Tolkien wanted to have nothing to do with the movies...

It's true that PJ and his crew put a lot of work in the movie blablabla but it's just not right to put in scenes that have nothing to do with the books, like Aragorn stumbling off that cliff or Frodo's trip to Osgiliath.

For instance, the Aragorn-stumbling-off-cliff-scene was totally unnecessary : it was just an invention of PJ to put Arwen in the movies... and we all know that Arwen shouldn't be in the movie as she wasn't even mentioned in the book. But i guess that Miss Tyler that the public couldn't without her sublime appearence... well she's wrong. Smoke Smilie

Unfortunately when ever the movie industry gets its hands on a piece of art it becomes something else completely different. You can't hold Jackson completely in the wrong you must also look to the suits behind the film the money men. If they want the film to go a certain way it will. I myself have had some experience here and it may maybe your film but if they say for you to jump at some point you do have to ask how high. Very Evil Smilie