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I think it is because LotR has so many layers that are only hinted at in The Hobbit. The Hobbit is a great book, but it leaves you wondering about so many things that are answered in LotR. I also think that LotR can appeal to a wider audience. The Silmarillion and the Unfinished Tales and the other books are more scholarly and hard to read. The Hobbit, while also being a wonderful book, is written for children, so can only go so far with grownups. LotR can appeal to grownups and children, casual readers and Tolkien devotees.
I love The Hobbit too Celtavhc and don't particularly like one over the other. But that is why I think LotR is more famous.
I think it was the most famous because it is the best book ever, I must admit there is one book by a different postAuthorID that comes close to drawing 1st place with LOTR. I`m only 141 pages through FOTR and I think it`s the greatest story ever. Big Smile Smilie (The book I said drawed with it is an autobiography by the way.)
And what exactly is this book Sheryl?
A child called 'IT' Dave Pelzer tells his life story through 3 books and this is the first and best one.
Thanks for answering my question, Sam and Sheryl! I love this forum because there are people like you, ready to help!!! Wink Smilie