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Well as Amari’ says....I do that to! I say Tolkyen when I say it in swedish....but when I speak english I always say Tolkeen!
Hmmm...I've always said Tolkeen...never with an "y"
Been thinking about this now. If I say it while speaking English (or saying his whole name) I would say Tolkeen, even before I read it here, but it is Tolkyen if you say it the scandinavian way (and the elvish way as well). Wink Smilie
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One of the areas we cover in our J R R Tolkien Biography is the origin of the name 'Tolkien'. Hopefully this link will work, if not, just click on Biography on the nav bar on the left. The origin of the name is the last segment of the biography. I hope this is of some help.

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Tolkien is the correct comes from Germany....a german name!Big Smile Smilie I may be incorrect but I am quite sure it is like this!
Hi and welcome to PT Bombadil. Waving Hello Smilie Tolkien is definitely correct, but I always believed it was of Scandinavian origin, although Aul’ will know more about that than I.
yes and you don’t pronounce it Tolkyen but Tolkeen!
yes and you don’t pronounce it Tolkyen but Tolkeen!

WHAT? You don't!! You pronounce it Tolkyen!!
It's just you Malm’-people that has a weird accent... *mumbles and grumbles something unhearable about Malm’-people and their strange ideas*
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Tolkien is a German name. It's oldest form I believe was Tolkuhn (with those two little dots above the 'u', I can't make those on my computer). This later became Tolkienhn, which then became Tolkien.
Being of the unwashed, I normally ignore the "i" and mis-pronounce it as toll-ken, because that is how I pronounced it when I first came across the books on my own in 1967 not having anyone to correct me.

I do know however, that it should be pronounced as toll-keen.
Thank you all for the help with the name. I was just wondering because i had a term paper and heard that it was spelt Tolkein, even though it's on his books Tolkien. I was just confused.
Thanks for the warm welcomes!! Tongue Smilie
Irp. I certainly didn't knew that... But ok, from now on I'll start pronouncing it "Tolkeen" then. If Grondy says so, it HAS to be so. Big Smile Smilie
(Though to you, Aul’, I'll pretend this has never happened Tongue Smilie )
Just thought I would add this (sorry it's a bit late).

Tolkien noted in one of his letters:
... my surname is now usually misspelt TOLKEIN in spite of all my efforts to correct this - even my college-, bank-, and lawyer's clerks! My name is Tolkien, anglicized from To(l)kiehn = tolkuhn, and came from saxony in the 18th century. It is not Jewish in origin, though I should consider it an honour if it were. [letter 325, 17 July 1971]


I am nearly always written to as Tolkein: I do not know why, since it is pronounced by me always - keen. [letter 347, 17 Dec. 1972]

Hope that is of some help. Big Smile Smilie

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So you mean that Christopher Tolkien is dead to? And the entire Tolkien house?
Moderator SmilieI think perhaps we should show a little respect for the Tolkien Family really, after all we are supposed to be fans here Perwing, okay?Moderator Smilie
Okey Perwing....didn’t get that.....Wow I mean....Think about it....being the grandson of Tolkien...That would be an extreme honour to me! Big Smile Smilie