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Thread: Tolkien - guest lecturer at Hogwarts?

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I'm not too sure on the sort of subjects taught at Hogwarts, but guessing they are mainly magic classes of one sort or another, I'd say Tolkien would probably finish up a lecturor of Arcane languages/Rune craft or possibly parallel universes.

Just ignore me if this isn't the sort of thing you were looking for.
Excellent! Runes! But what would be his take on them, do you think? How would he incoporate it into a lecture?
Again, I'm not sure on your Hogwarts world, but runes can be used as magical wards to guard portals, as a means of diviniation through rune stones, or to imbed magical spells into scrolls etc. Much written magical lore might also be written using runes, as a way of coding it so that only those able to read them can understand the scriptures. Most circles of protection would also use runes amongst their other symbols too.
Yup, as I remember most of the spells Hermione spouts are based on latin, so old JRRT could expound on their origins in the their original tongue with:

'The History of Practical Magic as Seen via the Arcane Languages'.

In Heralogy, besides the 'Properties of Pipeweed' he can cover the 'Athelas, its Medicinal Uses.'

Care of Magical Creatures: 'The Care and Feeding of Dragons and Balrogs'

Good luck Faye.
OKay - I got approved and have two lectures up (not really totally serious - but still...) and I invite you to look at it:

Look at the lectures: pipeweed and muggle/wizard relations

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Swampfaye: How about a lecture on 'Defence against the Dark Arts'. Couldn't get more Tolkien than that. I am assuming that if Professor Tolkien (himself) could be a guest speaker at Hogwarts, then it is entirely possible that ME could really exist, and Tolkien could speak from personal experience.

What to do if you find yourself cornered by a Dragon/Balrog/Uruk Hai/Large Angry Red Eye.
How to Resist the Temptation of All-Powerful-But-Evil-Artifacts.
How to Detect and Avoid Charismatic But Misguided Elvenkings.

Just some thoughts. Big Laugh Smilie
Swampfaye: How about a lecture on 'Defence against the Dark Arts'. Couldn't get more Tolkien than that. I am assuming that if Professor Tolkien (himself) could be a guest speaker at Hogwarts, then it is entirely possible that ME could really exist, and Tolkien could speak from personal experience.

What about something with the kinds of magic the people of Middle Earth used (like Gandalf) and how it relates to the magic of Hogwarts (like Harry) when it comes to warding off evil and the dark forces... Very Evil Smilie
Oh, I just got started on livejournal, but I don't know too much about the 'groups', or clubs and stuff. I would appreciate if you would explain some of it to me if you are not too busy swampfaye.

Drop me a post on my LJ and I'll be glad to tell you (don't want to spam the board with non- postAuthorID related stuff)

I think DADA with TOlkien would be excellent - but I think he would focus more on the "spirit" and not so much on the spells. Like letting fate/intuition guide you to the hardiest spirit for the task - no matter what they look like. terms of DAD, I think he would focus on reconizing the enemy within yourself, temptation and all of that...and I'm not sure if that would be too popular in Hogwarts. Not to speak badly of Rowling or anything, but I think of HP as a much lighter story, a lighter world, more concerned with magic spells and such to defeat evil, not so much with defining evil as I think Tolkien would have liked to do.
I think he would have definately done Herbology or COMC. Also, this may not be what you want, but I could picture him in the Ministry of Magic, maybe he could lecture on how to properly punish magical 'miscreants'.

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What an interesting thread. I like the idea of Tolkien giving a lecture in Herbology and DADA and Tolkien being part of the Ministry of Magic, is just a great idea. I also think that Gandalf and Dumbledore would be great friends and help each other out on occasion. hheheee.
Perhaps Dumbledore is Gandalf, in a paralell universe.
Just wanted to agree with Mellie, I found this thread really interesting to read Happy Elf Smilie
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Hey guys, ever tried to put EVERY SINGLE SMILEY one after the other on a post and nothing else?

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Not to speak badly of Rowling or anything

its okay I know that Rowling is copying Tolkien and i don't like it at all.
Her stories are well developed and she gives credit(somewhere) to TOlkien but thats just cheap, copying someones imaginations. No Offense to ROwling, her books are good but too less original imagination. Also she used CS Lewis's works too.
All writing is built upon the effort of someone who went before. If a person by adding their own effort makes something new and it is widely accepted as good, it is considered academic progress. Everything in civilization is arrived at in this way. "There is nothing new under the Sun".

Tolkien didn't invent Wizards, Elves, Orcs, Gobblins, Trolls, nor magic, he just used these old things when he build his grand epic of historical fantasy.

Rowling, using these same things, wrote a modern fantasy tale that covers a much shorter period of time and is written so that the children and adults of today, can also suspend disbelief and for a time and get away from our mundane world. That we can relate to the feelings of her main characters shows that she has mirrored the essence of our childhood memories.

(I'm sorry if the above doesn't really make sense, but I can't spend any more time trying to polish it so that it does.)
I agree Grondy.

Even Tolkien used things that were created by others in his books. Dwarvish names for example, most of the ones he used were old Norse names hundreds of years old.

And I think Rowling used much less of Tolkien's creations then other authors have. Like R.A. Salvatore, he copys almost everything Tolkien created.

There are many many authors that have used, magic, wizards, troll, goblins, and evil enchanters. Just because Tolkien is the king of fantasy doesn't mean that every other author that comes out with similar work is damned for tapping into Tolkien's genius.

It is like being angry with the rock bands that followed in the Beatles footsteps. You can't have rock music without drums and guitars just like you can't have fantasy without wizards and magic.

I think Rowling is a great author,she has created a story that is unique and well written. Considering the dreadful writing that is out there she should me given full marks for her work.