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Thread: Did J.R.R.Tolkien meditate?

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Anyone know if Tolkien meditated? Or how I could find out?

Thank y'all very much.
Didn't you already post this topic?
Yes, but I saw I posted it in the wrong group; general discusions, not Tolkien
Ah, ha. Dunce Smilie
Greetings Sam! I have no idea iof he meditated.....I know he would pretend to talk to trees.....
Sorry for my semantics, but he wouldn't be pretending to talk to them. I dont think he would neccessarily be pretending to get responses from them, but I dont have good evidence for that. Plants do respond to directed thought, music, and especially threats and pain/damage, so I think it is possible, but thoroughly unsupported as far as I have read.
He probably did meditate. Just my opinion, but I find meditating helps your imagination a lot, so I think Tolkien did it.
Tolkein meditate? If you mean to spend time thinking deeply, I would say without question! I do this myself, when I am stuck on my novel or just stuck on something in real life. Amazing what ideas can just pop into your head when you sit still and listen.
Amazing what ideas can just pop into your head when you sit still and listen.

Yes, the Akashic Records are free to consult for everyone. Very lucky indeed that good old Siddhartha Gautama never put a copyright on it.
The kind of meditation Tolkien would have done you would find reference to in his Letters and his bio written by Carpenter. It is not eastern-type meditation.
You mean Tolkien didn't curl up like a lotus flower, stare at his navel, and say 'oooohhhhmmmm'? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

I imagine he just sat at his desk smoking his pipe and staring at a spot on the wall, and considered the evolution of a word and its meanings.
That, and when he "said his beads," which is a form of meditation he would have been intimately familiar with.
Tolkien was a devoted Christian, Catholic, taught from his beloved mama who converted to Catholicism.
I am a Messianic Jew, a Catholic and yes in fact we do meditate. With or without the prayer beads we meditate on God, on the beauty and mystery of creation, on relationships and how to build them, heal them, and I talk to the dear trees as well.
But that could be on his part and I am only speculating from the thought that since there is so much we do not know about the heavenly realm, it could be that he thought that since cherubs and angels have been given posts as caretakers of parts of the created universe and such , perhaps he reasoned there were spirits God appointed to care for the trees as well and were allowed to 'clothe' themselves with the outward appearance of one. After all the Bible does tell of several instances when powerful heavenly beings called angels 'lowered' themselves and took on flesh, or clothed themselves with a type of flesh and walked about as men on the earth.
I don't know. But that is what he may have thought. Anything is possible. When you look at our world with an unjaundiced and unprejudiced eye it looks very wierd; creatures walking about on two legs , elephants, platypuses, sea creatures, trees, horses, dogs and cats, and all else. It is pretty strange when you come to think of it. So ......why not? Smile Smilie
That, and when he "said his beads," which is a form of meditation he would have been intimately familiar with.

"Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare" ?
I am not quite certain of what you are meaning in your post. But by meditation I was referring to thinking deeply on things. And being Christian all that was deeply thought on would lead back to God and his creation.