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Today 114 years ago J.R.R. Tolkien was born in Bloemfontijn, South-Afrika.
A good moment to bring a toast: the Professor!!
Actually, it's "Bloemfontein" (fontein=fountain in Dutch and Afrikaans).

But indeed, a happy belated birthday to JRRT.
For my part, I will say a prayer that good Professor Tolkien will look after all of us in PT as we look after his works.
Amen to that.

And may his pipe be ever filled with Old Toby, his tankard with Barliman's Ale (or Gimli's Finest), and may he be near a couple of hobbits with whom he might pass the time of day.

What a dear dear person, I imagine the earth shivered with excitement the moment he came forth as a newborn child. A blank page just waiting to be filled with tiny moments here and there that put together made dear Tolkien the great man he was to become.
115 this week...
Amen indeed. I intend to celebrate his eleventy-fifth birthday by participating in the world wide toast sponsored by the Tolkien Society.
I absolutely love your avy Halbard, beautiful.
I find each time I open one of his works I begin to celebrate him in the depths of my mind and heart.
For my part, I will say a prayer that good Professor Tolkien will look after all of us in PT as we look after his works.

Couldn't agree with you more GandalfSmile Smilie I'm a proud to know "some "of what the Professor wrote and I simply love his workRead Smilie He has given so many people the joy and pleasure to READ and use their imagination while doing soSmile Smilie I'm forever thankful to him
I absolutely love your avy Halbard, beautiful.

Do you think it's Robin Hood?
Thanks LeeLee, I would be a Ranger of the North of all the people and places of ME. Hey Vir, my avatar could be Robin Hood and that would be OK, he is one of my heroes also. However, I did get it from a JRRT site. Very Big Grin Smilie
Robin Hood is a hero of mine Vir, but no , instantly I just thought of the elves. But the way the picture is painted is so lovely and otherwordly and the person seems very noble and great. I love it.
As for me, I have been preparing to turn the dining room into a sort of collage of Middle-earth, but only the good bits. No orcs or ugly things in the dining room, it would upset little Hasia who is so elven you would be amazed at her appearance alone, and so sensitive that even when she hears water she closes her eyes and dances.she hears music in it.
At any rate I h ave purchased scrolled encased mirrors and painstakingly painted t hem intricately in rich ME colors to look ancient.I have begun acrylic and oil paintings on canvass of scenes in my mind that came to me while reading, of most of the characters and when framed , will try to make each frame capture the specific beauty of each region. Such as the great hall of Theoden with the horse tapestries, Lothlorien, Rivendell, Minas Tirith, etc. I am in the process of sanding down the long wood table and etching Elvish along the side and then applying gold and silver leaf and restaining in a very dark cherry. Well you get the picture. And then my greatest contribution to the room will be to do a charcoal of dear JRR and put it in the middle. It will take six months to complete the project, but I have done that sort of thing before and step by step, minute by minute, it will get done.
and so sensitive that even when she hears water she closes her eyes and dances.she hears music in it.

Be careful. I hear conversations in the fish tank and people say I am mad.
I guess you're just like my friends then, fish-mad, if you don;t check them often they'll bore you to death
I tried painting/drawing some scenes of Tolkien's works once myself, but my creations were 'abstract' (and I meant that in the broadest sense possible) images to which even Jackson Pollock and Karel Appel would turn their heads in disgust.

One cannot have it all in life.
I bet they wouldn't. You ought to drag them out dear Vir and let people enjoy them. The next thing you know you will be hounded to put them in a gallery and then all we who are your fans will have to pay to see them and wait about in the rain to catch a glimpse of you as you alight from your chauffeur driven limo and go under umbrellas to the studio.
Vee dear, I have never heard anything like that before. You are fast becoming one of this sites most intriguing and complicated people. Are you even real and when you were voted onto the council was there any proof of it? Smile Smilie
I have tried my hand, though sparingly to make my own rich earthy colors from natural substances. There is a type of milk pain one can prepare as well that is amazing. It is a take off from the paint made from leftover cow's milk or whatever with plant colors mixed in and then applied to wood work. It seeps deep into the wood and is well so vivid and awesome. That I would use on the picture frames. I have tried with some success and satisfaction using coffee and tea and onion skins and leaves and all of that to achieve effects that are mellow and gentle to the eyes and that was fun. The trouble is you must make enough to finish one project because you simply cannot get a second batch to be the exact same shade, it just cannot be done when you are working with natural substances. It is such a rewarding thing though.
Back to JRR. I wonder what sort of things are done in Oxford to commemerate him? I belong on an Oxford site and was rather shocked to find a number of the people actually did not care for him nor thought of his work to be that great. I think they must be the ones smoking the not to be mentioned substances. I was very wounded at this, but each person has a right to his or h er own preferences.