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I've seen a lot of people quoting the letters of Tolkien hereand I was wondering if thats according to the book or something because I would like to purchase that book if thats the case. Thank you, Mim

The book is called The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien (it's a selection of letters) by H. Carpenter and C. Tolkien.

Some letters not published in this book have shown up for auction as well, or here and there a 'new' letter might be found in other books about Tolkien and his work, but I imagine the bulk of the letters one finds quoted on the web can be found in the book just mentioned.

Ok thanks then I will probably be buying that book sometime soon


yeah there are lots of books out there. some are crazy expensive, some cheaper. i bought a nice version of the hobbit a year ago from barnes and noble. its called "the annotated version of the hobbit. it has lots of cool pictures of the book from lots of different artist from different countries from when it was first published and became popular. and there are lots of other cool tid bits and fun facts in there. plus a lot of tolkiens original drawings of his works. The book unfinished tales is pretty cool too. i never knew that Saruman was "jealous" of Gandalf until i read it in there.

Yea I have the unfinished I just haven't read it yet. I've been looking for a cheap annotated The Hobbit book but I haven't found any yet. I did read about Tuor coming to Gondolin in the unfinished tales and was pretty cool with all the seven gates. That is as far as I got though.

im sorry mim. i forgot. in "unfinished tales", it includes the strory of the children of hurin. its not titled "the children of hurin" but all the same chapters are in there. if you google the chapters of the children of hurin, you can see if they're the same as in your unfinished tales

The Children of Hurin one volume book is not exactly the same as the account in Unfinished Tales (not that anyone claimed it was exactly the same); but also the former will have more impact due to its presentation, I think, compared to the more scholarly look at the fragmented tale in Unfinished Tales.

yes Galin, I think you are entirely correct concerning the two I read the Unfinished Tales first and did not have that much emotional response, but  when I was given The Children Of Hurin for Christmas the year it came out I was devestated and quite turned inside out and have never read it again. So the treatment does make a difference, at least it does to me.

As for The Letters which I am currently reading but not from front to back, only as I interested, for about the fourth time, I wonder a lot about the very very very few letters if any from the professor to Michael,John and Priscilla compared to the volumous amount to Christopher. I realize Chris was gone to AFrica and I realize he read  the rough manuscripts and helped with the maps and all that; but the others were away too at college and for John in training to be a ;priest, it is just odd to me that so few of anything is preserved of their correspondence. Perhaps there just was none, but that would seem most peculiar to me. There are more letters to his beloved aunt.