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That's right: On January 3 we will be celebrating the 122nd birthday of the great master that brought us Middle Earth and all of Arda. With the deepest thanks to this perfect Gandalf of a man, who left the world a better place when he departed.... that is, if he really ever went away. So may I request all Tolkienplanetarians to send a kind and loving thought his way, on this coming Friday. I really wish we could have a Bilbo Baggins-style party under a huge Party Tree in the Shire! Well, maybe one almost could, thanks to Peter Jackson and his New Zealand Hobbiton! Namari’ all, and may the stars shine on your paths this new year. Year of the Horse, by the way.

Thanks a lot for this thread. Smile Smilie


Happy birthday to our dear professor. May he and all his work never be forgotten.

123! I hope Tolkien has found Edith again, as Beren found Luthien, dancing in the hemlock. It brings tears to my eyes. Wait a second. This isn't the anniversary of his death, this is his birthday! Hooray! Joy! Let the party go on forever, and we can forget that the most important member is missing...

No greater man has walked the earth,

None have been, of greater worth.

Sadness on the day of birth,

When should be mirth.

Great was his fall,

But no thrall,

Was He.

wow Curufinwe.Life would be a lot duller if Professor Tolkien from South Africa had not wrote Middle earth.Lord of the rings,well to finish a 1000 plus page fantasy book with mentions of other ages is insanely hard.Hobbit,well,we see how popular that book became.Silmarillion,in my opinion,the greatest book i have ever laid my eyes upon.Thank's to the best Professor in the world!