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Yes, probably just your subconscious, but given your relaxed state of mind and the peaceful surroundings, you may have been channeling, probably not; however, it is a very nice quotation, whatever its source.
"It's nice of you, to come here, but I am not here. Here are only my last footsteps of this Earth". -- possibly by JRR Tolkien via Eryan during a visit to his gravesite.
Smile Smilie

(Grondy feels dabbling in spiritualism is silly, if not dangerous, and what Eryan was sensing was neither.)
Thank you Grondy for understanding! Smile Smilie
Actually I hesitated a long time whentehr I should tell you this, but finally I thought, why not? And suddenly I wished to share that feeling with you - serious, intelligent, sensitive & romantic Tolkien fans from PT...
Eryan, that is one of the most romantic and wonderful things I have ever heard. Very Sad Smilie
It really is wonderful! The mystery of human life and death and the world. I don't think we'll ever be able to understand, but perhaps that's just as well.
Eryan, I am glad that you shared that with us. It was very interesting. I agree with Grondy.
but given your relaxed state of mind and the peaceful surroundings, you may have been channeling, probably not; however, it is a very nice quotation, whatever its source.
Wow, I always wanted to go to Tolkien's grave, see at least his last "place" in this earth... How is Tolkien's grave? What do you feel when you are close to it?
You bet!!! If I had ever been there , to Tolkien's grave!!!my mind would have been mmixed up and all sorts of voices in my head would have , just like you , made me really weird... You were very lucky to live next to him. I think I would have felt the exact same way you did. Don't worry, everyone is abnormal here, Tongue Smilie me for start...
Eryan,thanks for sharing that with us,very intresting Big Smile Smilie
Yes, probably just your subconscious, but given your relaxed state of mind and the peaceful surroundings, you may have been channeling, probably not; however, it is a very nice quotation, whatever its source.

I agree with that Grondy.
I have no doubt that you were just imagining it, I really believe in what the others are saying, that you might have been channeling or something.
That's really neat too, that you have the chance to visit his final resting place... very sweet of you
Well, it was quite a long time ago (in 1985) and his grave looked different than it looks now. It was then very simple, just a vertical stone board at the head and a stone frame around the grave, with the empty space inside where flowers could be planted. But on several occasions I found only withered, very sad looking flowers there, and I even dared to remove them, they looked so sad, as if he were already forgotten and if nobody cared for him enough to keep his grave postThreadIDy...
On the board there were only the names of Tolkien and of his wife Edith, and also the names Beren and Luthien.
Now I have seen on TV that two other vertical stone boards have been added on two sides of the original board, adorned with a pattern of Numenorean tiles designed by Tolkien himself.
Returning to those old times, I was astonished that I never ever met anyone else there. I supposed that his grave will be visited by crowds of admirers of his work.
Another touching point for me, as a Pole. Tolkien was a Roman Catholic and so his grave is located in a relatively small Roman Catholic part of the cemetery. And it is surrounded mainly by graves of Polish exiles after the 2nf World War, when Poland fell under the dominion of Soviet Union.
It was so strange, to be able to visit his grave - unbearably poignant, almost like to be in Lorien!
I must have somewhere a photo of his grave, perhaps one day I will scan it and send to Taz to show everybody...
Very Sad Smilie That really touched me Eryan.....I would be honored to be at the presence of Tolkiens last resting ground.....I would weep if I got to see his grave....I just love the man so much...
Eryan, everytime I read this thread it sends chills all over me. It is one of the most moving threads in these forums. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences, and please if you do ever visit it again, leave a flower for me.
And for me too.....Since it propably is to far for my budget for now....but later on I would like to go there.....but for now if you ever go back there before I go there....please lay a flower there for me too..
Thats pretty neat Eryan and who knows, maybe it was Tolkien. I can honestly say that this is the sweetest thing I've heard in a long time and since I won't be able to get to Oxford for a mega long time and don't know where the grave is...could you put a flower there for me also? Please? Wink Smilie
Well, I don't think I will come to Oxford soon Halo! But who knows? Smile Smilie
It's moving, indeed, Eryan! Of course, Tolkien holds a place in our hearts that is so vast, a man could barely imagine; so let's be glad that somewhere, outside Ea, the Professor is watching over us and sees the greatness of his work accomplished!

I agree with Bugy.
Eryan? You couldn't give me directions to Tolkien's grave could you? Only I've just remembered, my ex-boyfriend goes to Univercity there! I could get him to put some flowers there from all of us here!
Tolkien's grave is in the Roman catholic part of the Wolvercote cemetery in the northern part of Oxford. The cemetery is situated on a low hill in the northern part of the city. I just checked via Google that I still remember the name of the cemetry and doing this I doscovered that a small pic of JRRT's grave can be found at a site
Perhaps there are some better pics at other sites, I must search for them!
I just discovered that if you put key words "Tolkien gravesite" in your Google search machine, you are getting immediately plenty of sites with excellent pictures and plenty of information!
Thanx Eryan, I shall start badgering my ex strate away! Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
I went to the grave a few months back---I live less than 50 miles away. I t was a brilliantly sunny January day and very peaceful. The grave is situated toward the back of the cemetary near a row of trees (fitting). There were flowers, a few items of LOTR memorabilia, a plaque, an eagle poking from a beard of ivy, and a couple of rosaries dangling over the corner of the simple stone with its carves names Beren and Luthien.
After many long years I finally made it to Oxford, and while there sought out Tolkien's grave. The cemetary took a little finding, but when I eventually got there it was well worth the looking. It is a beautiful, peaceful place, and I can understand Eryan's feelings. The grave was not difficult to find as a few other people were paying their respects when I arrived.

It is a pleasant grave; nothing austicious, but yet beautiful. There are several neatly trimmed bushes growing within the border, from which fans have hung jewelry and tokens. On the headstone itself, there is a small shrine of coins and stones, all carefully placed. Old cards lay among the roots of the plants.

I left a short story I wrote a while back, and a small fairy stone that I have carried around in my pocket for luck over the past twenty years or so. My wife asked me whether I was going to say anything, but I had the whole of his works swirling around in my head. The Beren and Luthien on the stone said it all.

For those who are interested, there is a picture at Tolkien's Grave
Thanks, Val. That is a great photo. You fulfilled a wish of mine to see the Professor's grave. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Thanks Val Happy Elf Smilie It's so wonderful to see the names of Beren and Luthien on their gravestone. You made my wish come true as wellSmile Smilie
How i would love to visit his grave and pay my respects, i only live about 2 - 3 hours drive away from Oxford i think. Its now on my to do list Orc Smiling Smilie thanks Val
There's a BBC documentary which also shows Tolkien's grave (whilst members of the Tolkien Society are singing a lament in Elvish), amongst lots of other things... like JRRT writing in Elvish script (and making a mistake!) and discussing some maps of Middle-earth. I was very glad to have seen it. Tremendously interesting.
I almost think that BBC film was included along with the extra bits on one of PJ's Extended Editions. Of course I'm probably wrong; they were probably showing it again on cable as the movies were coming out. Still.....
Being a Messianic Jew, converted to Catholicism which is just a continuation with the ackknowledging of Jesus the Christ to be the Messiah,
I have a firm belief that God sometimes allows your deep thoughts to be answered. He is after all in charge of all communication. There was a time when the thought of voice carried on waves would have meant the person saying it out loud would be thought of as a lunatic and perhaps burned at the stake the same as left handed people.
I remember reading once in a letter of Tolkien to someone, I cannot remember who now; at any rate he went to mass at this old old church and he saw a beggar man standing there with the most amazing and wondrous eyes. There was something about that man and at some point he either mentioned it to another or saw a statue of someone that was the exact image of this beggar man.
It was Saint Joseph, the betrothed of the Madonna.
He was totally shocked and never got over it.
I don't believe for a moment we have the pat answers to anything.
Whatever it was, I believe it to be a gift to you for your love and kindness toward Tolkien and his gravesight.Perhaps a once in a lifetime gift, but a gift.
That of course is only my opinion, but I believe it fervently.
I remember hearing a strange voice too one night; after hours of mystical bewilderment, I finally realized I had forgotten to turn off the radio.
Or at least you THOUGHT you forgot to turn off the radio.........Smile Smilie
Eryan! I cannot believe that I have never seen this thread before! Your experience is so very Tolkienesque!

I have also experienced such feelings, especially when in solitude, and perfect peace. It is strange that I should think of death, my friends all think I am pessimistic to an unattractive extreme, but I don't find the idea of death very disturbing. Well, I probably would if someone was holding a gun to my head or brandishing a knife at me, but when I am alone, with nothing but nice, peacful things around me, a strange desire to melt into my surroundings and to be a part of that tranquility fills me and I just want to be something non-living for once (like the rocking chair, or the painting of a river, or the tall, slim mirror etc.)

It is a lovely feeling, and you can't help but wonder if that's really what might happen after death. But nobody knows yet.. So I guess we'll all just have to wait and see!

Still, I love the quote... "But my last footsteps..." It sounds

I confess this quote made me cry. I don't know why. Maybe just happy tears, cause it gives you the idea that Tolkien is just...somewhere else. Maybe he's just walking through the Shire. Maybe one day we'll be there walking with him, listening to his stories and watching him smoking his pipe...who knows

Oh, now that is sad and quite beautiful, seeing that post at the top with Grondmasters comment. And Laura, that is really lovely (Although I'm applying it to Grondy as much as Tolkien)

Wolvercote Cemetary does indeed have the feeling of ages gone by in a way, and when you see the other tombstones and realize many of those dear ones actually lived and died in a way in the manner of many of  Tolkien's characters-torn from their loved ones , fighting for their beliefs and perishing far from the arms of those who cherished them, it gives one a sad feeling. I think the rock with the sign that Tolkien's grave site is a certain place and it has an arrow pointing is wierd, but I guess appropriate. At any rate it gives one a sort of tearful and yet peaceful feeling to see Edith Mary Tolkien, Luthien and then our dear professor underneath with Beren. The two, separated so much in real life and Edith suffering with severe arthritis and such and now both at peace, together.

In the Letters of Tolkien Jrr asks Chrsitopher I think whether he thinks it would be tacky to put Luthien on Edith's grave stone. His last years without her were so lonely and alien(he hated modern contraptions and by then cars and bank cards and such were coming into their own even in remote villages) and people by and large had forgotten Tolkien ,except for his Oxford friends and such . I felt grief reading the last ten or so letters. Just grief.