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missing reel??? What’s that? I do not follow you now my trusted ally Ross....what do you mean?
Last sentence Ross, you definately caught a giggle from me. I was wondering the same thing as well as Aule, so what is the missing reel?
I'd go back and check the date you read about the missing reel, Ross.
Did I really catch Ross with my News Article on the Home Page, or was he just trying to extend the 'leg pulling' past All Fools Day, which fell on 01 April this year? Elk Grinning Smilie

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Okey please someone enlighten me and Sheryl!
We have no idea what you are talking about!
There's an article on the homepage that says:
A three month delay in the opening of the final installment of Peter Jackson's 'Lord of the Rings: Return of the King' has just been announced. We at JUSTINN.ORC have learned that seven film canisters went overboard during shipment to the other island. Their replacement will cause the delay in the opening, which had previously been scheduled to open December 17, 2003

Sources close to the director said Mr. Jackson is heartbroken as the movie will no longer be in the running for next year's Oscars as 'Return of the King' was the best of the litter and was expected to win Best Picture and also provide him the coveted award for Best Director.

I'm also wondering if he really fell for it or if this is just an extention of the joke. (Seeing as it was posted on April Fools Day).
Ahhhh!!! Now I get it! The missing reel on the ship.....hehehe!
I spent an hour composing that bogus News Article which I felt was needed to celibrate that grand day. Elf Winking Smilie
That was very clever, Grondy. You caught me too because I didn't read it until April 2nd. Big Laugh Smilie
I didn`t read it, well I might have but I`m tired and I can`t remember what I`ve read so ask me later. Good Morning Smilie

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Damn it, now I feel like a tit! Big Laugh Smilie
It was a really good joke Grondy, but I think when I read it it was still March 31 due to the time differance. I just saw the title and thought "yeah right", and the next day (April 1) I noticed the date on it.. Unless I am imagining things of course.. Wink Smilie
That was funny Grondmaster! I fell right for it!! Big Laugh Smilie
When I started reading it I guessed it was an April's Fool, but until I opened it, I thought it was one that Grondy had perhaps fallen for himself and reprinted here believing it to be true. It was quite a relief to see the April Fool postBody at the bottom.

Nice one Grondy.
Thanks people, I just couldn't resist. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
LOL Grondy.
I kinda fell for it, but i read it after everything else Sad Smilie i missed out on the fun. Got The Blues Smilie