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d'you hit the wrong button? Or you been on the sauce? Wink Smilie
Or you could leave it as an example of how truly random some posts can get on this forum Big Smile Smilie
Uhuh. What's this post doing here, with all respects... Smile Smilie
I'll kill it after a while, unless it develops a life of its own. Smile Smilie
which it probably will, all things considered Big Smile Smilie
*random post* Big Smile Smilie
not too random though...'cuz then Grondie will chop them... Wink Smilie
Can they get any more random than this though? Wink Smilie
A.S. was here, I can tell 'cause his initials are carved over there on the wall of this cave. Cool Smilie
Who's A.S.?
I'm thinking Aragorn Strider?
A.S. was the guy who made the journey to the center of the earth before the people in Jules Verne's book did. He had carved his initals as guideposts and they in turn followed them. I think his name was something like Arnie Sacmuson.
I'd forgotten that, yeah it was something like that wasn't it...
What's he got to do with all this?
Me guessing Mark was just trying to reply somewhere, but then made a new topic. Right? Smile Smilie
What we have here Tommy is just a random topic trying to mutate into something lasting before it gets the axe. Cool Smilie

What's he got to do with all this?
What he has to do with anything is that I saw his initials over there, marked on the side of that cavern in charcoal.
What cavern?
[Edited on 10/2/2002 by 42]
The one over there in the dark, where I saw the initials before the torch went out. :P
:o I can follow again. We're talking nonsense, right? Big Smile Smilie No wonder I can follow you... :P
You got it babe! Until I ash-can the whole thread we can talk gobbley-gook and what
not. We gots 13 nominations. Wahoo!
13 nominations for what?

wow, I'm surprised you've let this thread go on for so long...getting soft-hearted? Wink Smilie
gobbledy gook, rattatatat, chit chat chat chit, what-not.

Oh I forgot Wahoo![Edited on 19/2/2002 by Allyssa]
Stop shaking the bean can Alyssa or was that your head rattling? Wink Smilie
Until I ash-can the whole thread we can talk gobbley-gook and what
not. Wahoo!

Just waiting to be ash-canned. Was going for the prize for the most random post. Big Smile Smilie[Edited on 17/2/2002 by Allyssa]
wow, I'm surprised you've let this thread go on for so long...getting soft-hearted?

Grondmaster? Going soft?
You've got to be joking!
Though this thread is still here....
Big Smile Smilie
I'd like to enter that last post in the most random post competition please.
The Plastic Squirrel's random post of 18/2/2002 at 14:57 has been taken under consideration. All entries remain the property of the submitter. All entries will be judged on content, originality, and neatness. No prizes will be awarded other than those paid for by the winner(s).
Am I in the competition now? (how random was this?)
When does this competition close? When RotK comes out?
No more randomn than any of your other recent posts which have been taking up so much of my time of late. Wink Smilie
So! Should I delete this thread now or should we play with it some more?
Oh, no please Grondy.....How about we start playing a game or something?
That's fine with me, it should be tied in with the ROTK though, else the entire thing should be moved to a tavern. Allyssa, please see if you can start something. Smile Smilie

:wink enough on topic?
Okay, I dont know how this will go down, 'cause not too many people like my games.

What If?

What if Gollum had repented on the stairs of Cirith Ungol? Would things have turned out differently or not?

Can anyone think of a possible answer to these questions?
Maybe. (You didn't specify a terribly good answer did you?) :wink
well, yes, but sort of not really.

I figure, if Gollum had repented, that obviously changes the plot of the book a bit...however, since it is a book, and Tolkien knew how he wanted it to go, in the end, the outcome would have been much the same...
Maybe Gollum would have talked to Shelob while Frodo and Sam sneaked past her lair; then joining them he would have led them past the tower and down into the valley between the Morgai and the Ephel D’ath. Maybe he knew a secret trail over the Morgai and also hidey holes on the way to Mount Doom. However, I think when he got wind of what Frodo planned to do with his "precious", he would have reverted to form and the story would have ended pretty much as the original.
Uhuh. Animated Wink Smilie
Tommy: The last three postings were in answer to Allyssa's 'What if?' question, that she posted on 12/4/2002 at 11:58. Rather than just saying 'Uhuh', maybe you should scroll back and read a bit first. Tongue Smilie
I was just kinda agreeing with you, Grondy, cos I had no inspiration whatsoever, so I thought I might as well agree with you. I had read Alyssa's question (for once). Wink Smilie

Chika was right too though. I don't think it really would have mattered to the outcome. It might have been a little less tormenting for Frodo and Sam though... Rolling Eyes Smilie
Surely you have written worse, I know I have. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Lets refrain from making personal remarks please. Angel Smilie
Too much jibber-jabber.... Big Laugh Smilie
interesting post we've got going here...
Oh, my!! This really is a rather worthless thread, since no one is taking to ball on Allyssa's game. I am really not sure what would have happened if Gollum had repented.
We all know what would have happened had Gollum repented: Sauron would have spotted the crowd as the moved across the Morgai and captured them and The One Ring. "What crowd! you say? Well, there was Frodo and Sam which make up the company, but when you add Gollum you get a crowd. Because "Two's company, but three's a crowd."
Big Laugh Smilie Walking into the thread, Kai see's a string of words loosly held together by nonsense... curiosity getting the best of her she follows the string to the second page and Super Wow Smilie to her surprise she finds a game at the end!

Here's another What if

What if Aragorn decides that he doesn't feel like saving Middle-Earth and becoming king?

Hello?Anybody here...?*clears throat*
Anybody...where's everybody?Everybody there's nobody.
This is the weirdest thread I've seen in my entire life as a member of PT(which is only two months or so)