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Thread: SPOILER Dont read if you want be surised in December

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Movie: After the fall Sarumans, the Fellowship of Aragorn, (Gan; Gim; Leg, Mer; Pip) and the King will advise the further proceeding again in Edoras.
Book: Gandalf and Pippin separate very fast from the community and briefly on it leave also Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas, while king Th’oden as well as Merry selects the longer way by the mountains. The three groups arrive successively at Edoras and/or Dunharg.
+ al location of the telling lines equal to beginning of the film would be unnecessarily confusing. A common departure in Edoras facilitates the overview and gives to the freshly united friends more time for development.

movie: There is a scene, in which Merry do not succeed in bringing its horse to walk..
Book: Such a scene is not described, however Merrys , awkwardly handling horses is mentioned concretely.
+ merry sequence for loosening. Contrast to Merrys later ascent to Th’odens knight.


Movie: Merry offers king to Th’oden its loyalty outside from Edoras before the met Riders of Rohan.
Book: In the book this happens with a meal in the Golden Hall of Edoras.
+ by the change of the scene the scene receives a more solemn character.

movie: When Faramir sees with its return after Minas Tirith Pippin in the roads of the city, he means immediately to Gandalf the fact that this is not the first Halfling which so far he saw. Later they meet again, this time are dressed Pippin in its tiny uniform, and both laugh. Pippin worries himself around Denethor and asks thereupon Faramir why his father is so *badmoved/not happy* and whether he can help somehow.
Book: Faramir told at first his father in his chamber of its meeting with Frodo and Sam. A discussion between him and Pippin does not take place.
+ by it, that some scene in the road the city take place, get which one more from it to see. The new dialogue explains the difficult relationship between Faramir and its father to the spectators.


Movie: Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas (NO GREY COMPANY) are attacked in an underground course of a heap of undeath soldiers of a past age and must fight them, in order to earn itself their respect. After this fighting, only the spirit follows the Returning king and swears to him their loyalty.
Book: In the book the paths of the dead is without larger problems are crossed and the spirit of Erech to close itself without fight argument the companion and the Dunnedain on.
+ more act ion scenes in the apron of the large battle. The crossing of the paths of the dead ones appears more dangerful.
- uncanny one and mystische tendency from Tolkiens novel could be destroyed by plate combat inserts.


Movie: Samwise must by the tower from Cirith Ungol through-creep and also fight, in order to take Frodo out. With a mortal blow he calls " a that is for the OLD OHM! " out.
Book: In Tolkiens original the Orks has itself to a large extent mutually killed in its controversy over Frodos Mithril
+ Sams development to the self-confident leader is introduced. Saurons power does not work total if its servant among themselves argues.
- the fight/discussion under the Orks is lost and thus their " human’ factors.


Movie: Arwen and Elrond go on the way to the south. There is Arwens love for Aragorn and their father of pangs of conscience, which drives her. They bring it its banner and the again forged sword as symbols for its. On their journey they visit maybe also Galadriel in L’rien, with which they probably ask for advice and look possibly also into the mirror. Alternatively it would be also conceivable that Arwen travels to the Grey Haven and waits there for Aragorn.
Book: Arwen travels only after completion of the ring war of Rivendell loosely, it passes some time between the victory and their marrige. Narsil is already forged before the departure of the companions again and presented Aragorn. Banner is brought to it by the Dunedain Arnors, which pull together with Elronds sons into the war. Elrond remains in Rivendell
+ dear history between Aragorn and Arwen disappears not in the nothing, but remains part of the happening. In the film the action must be gotten going more briskly, therefore it is logically Arwens journey parallel to the main events already take place to be let. Elronds a character goes through an interesting development, which extends over the entire movietrilogy.
- cut into the process of original history. Arwen is not represented in such a way, how she was given by Tolkien. Also Elronds status as wise steering wheels and planners from the distance is undermined.


movie: With its retreat from Osigiliath Faramir is met by several arrows and carried unconscious from its horse to Minas Tirith. Prince Imrahil will apparent not occur in the film. Possibly will it at its instead of of Gandalf are saved, it could be that Faramirs first messenger ride and the later retreat from Osgiliath in the film is folded up.
Book: Faramir is met only by an individual poisoned south land arrow. Prince Imrahil is that, which carries him back into the city.
+ is there Imrahil painted, is void the conception of this character. The wound Faramirs is dramatically represented.
- loss of a further popular character.

movie: Some the defender of Minas Tirith heavy disk arms carry, similarly as those from the Middle Ages.
Book: In the book no arms are mentioned, which are stronger than chain shirt. (with exception of the knights of Dol Amroth)
+ visual more impressing costumes.
- Tolkiens central earth was not yet on the level of development of the high Middle Ages. Soldiers in disk armament work often rigidly and involuntarily amusingly.

movie: Due to the arrival of Elrond and Arwen one can assume that as in Helm Klamm Elvensoldiers will stand the humans to the side. The battles in the north will remain presumably unmentioned.
Book: Except Legolas and the two sons Elronds does not participate Elv in the large battles of the ring war. Thranduil and Celeborn fight however in the north against Saurons Orks.
+ the Elven remains knowing part of history and their tribute for defense Mittelerdes to carry out.
- Tolkiens representation of the Elven as a shrinking people is not emphasized correctly.


movie: Pippin seems to be present during the battle on the Pelennor fields and meet on Merry. In addition, it could be that it runs out only after the fight and finds its friend thereby.
Book: Pippin does not leave Minas Tirith and has fully and completely with Denethors insanity to do. It remains also later
+ the friendship of the two is stressed. And the frights of the war in the contrast to the two small Halflings.
- history around Denethor and Faramir could come therefore too briefly.


movie: Aragorn, more ’omer, Gandalf, Gimli and Legolas meet after the battle in Denethors resound and discuss there the further proceeding. Aragorn suggests diverting Sauron with an attack on the black gate thereby Frodo and SAM the possibility has their mission to complete. It used thereupon the Palant’r, in order to reveal themselves to Sauron and provoke it thereby.
Book: This discussion takes place outside of the city, in Aragorns camp. Gandalf makes the suggestion for the diversionary attack. Aragorn reveals itself already after the battle over helmet klamm and uses thereby the Palant’r of Isengart.
+ Aragorns camps and the reason, why it does not want to enter the city, do not have to be explained. Because he submits the suggestion grew, the spectator mediated like it now into the role of the leader. The retarded use of the Palant’rs for provocation Saurons lets it appear more plausible to the spectator, why Sauron suddenly collects its troops at the black gate and thus and SAM involuntary-proves the way for Frodo makes free.
- the large symbolic character regarding Aragorns refusal the city to enter is lost. Because the Palant’r is only now used, is missing the reason for Saurons Grossangriff on Minath Tirith

The LOAD of the RING

movie: The chain with the one Ring, cuts itself due to the increasing weight , gradually more like Gollum.
Book: The weight of the ring is not meant psychological and caused with Frodo physical damage
+ in this way the increasing load of the ring and the associated agonies can be shown on visual way.


movie: It is allegedly a epik duel between Aragorn and Saurons mouth (or Sauron HIMSELF!!!) give.
Book: The marshal of the dark tower says only the words of its master. Is not from a concrete fight with Aragorn the speech.
+ Sauron not shape accepts, the spectator sees an interesting replacement *Badboy*, which is befight there.


movie:After the destruction of the ring in the glow of the fate mountain Frodo is brought after Minas Tirith, where he awakes and is celebrated in the Houses of the Healing in circles of its friends again.
Book: Frodo awaked in Aragorns camp in Ithilien and is honoured on the field by Cormallen.
+ the film producers do not k?nnen again on Aragorns camp do without and m?ssen a further action scene present.


movie: Arwen is present with the coronation/culmination Aragorns.
Book: Arwen their escort arrive only two months after the coronation/culmination.
+ a combination of coronation/culmination and marrige saves the representation of two festivenesses and thus the verschwendung of precious movie time.

movie The main Hobbits experience from the devastation their homeland only by a dream vision with the view in Galadriels mirror.
Book: With the view in Galadriels mirror sees the devastation of its homeland to Sam. The Shire is indeed under the influence Sarumans. Its helpers must from the returned home main hobbits to fight and driven out. Saruman and Wormetongue find only here death.
+ the release of the Auenlandes appears as a quite weak final compared with the enormous battles of the ring war.
- this chapter represents an important section in history, because it shows like very much the main hobbits by their adventures changed and like SAM, Merry and Pippin at the end again as genuine heroes proves himself , remains with Frodos great act relatively unconsidered.


movie: The last film ends either as in the book or with death of Kinig Elessar and the death of Arwens in Lorien. The Epilog is accompanied by Frodos voice.

Book: Actual history ends with the fact that Samwise home returned. More details to the following events are only in the Appendix.
+ the version deviating from the book gives end rounded off by Aragorn and Arwen a romantic and to history.
- deviate another end than the which can be found in the book strongly from Tolkiens of intended tendency in the end of history. This began with the main header bits and should be terminated therefore also with them.
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Well let's hope that the film will still be as I hope it will be...Thanx for all these pre-details Nessa!!! Wink Smilie
Intresting,Nessa! Where did you find all these detailed spoilers? Big Smile Smilie
See?!?! I knew it was gonna suck!!
What did I tell you??!?!
I was watching the movie and writing everything down for you fokes !!!!!!!!!! Big Smile Smilie

No but you look here an exelent german site, there are allways many many intressting things about the movie: maby you can translate it for yourself......................

No surprises for me.

We already know the movies are completely different from the books and have nothing in common with the books safe for the title and character names they stole.

But those changes you mentioned are just hilarious. I hope it will be the way you posted in the movies.

for instance, Arwen at the coronation of Barfagorn?? i'm hoping for a scene like in any romantic hollywood movie from the '30s : "Arwen?? i thought u left" "No, i couldn't leave you" and then we see them running at each other with open arms...... Funny! Big Laugh Smilie

Oh well, it's just like i expected with the movies : bad, worse, worst. And still, pj dares to claim he made Tolkien's vision alive. Let's all save our money and stay at home, shall we? Even if we miss a good laugh that way, let's wait for the movies to reach a cultstatus like Spinal Tap, and then buy it on video. PJ has made a brilliant parody on LOTR : the Fantasy Spinal Tap.

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I thought books are made into movies so that people could understand the story better and appreciate it more. This looks like it's gonna confuse me more!
Let's all save our money and stay at home, shall we? Even if we miss a good laugh that way, let's wait for the movies to reach a cultstatus like Spinal Tap, and then buy it on video.

No, I'll be going to see it. I am sure there will be a lot of changes from the book but I still hope to enjoy it.

When I see it I will keep in mind that it is JUST A MOVIE!!! I know that it is not correctly portrayed from the books but it will still be a good movie to watch.
Right you are Stonehlem .................and if you look in the music Thread ..............we still have hope that the Grey Havens are in the movie!!!!!!!!!

So vir dont be so negativ about the hole thing..........who was saying it is the book what you see? nobody then a book has pages to turn, words to read and such things :-)))))))

I personaly love the book love Tolkien and never woud get enything about this work......but as well i was buying a ticket for the *Tripple futer*(to see all 3 movies at ones) and I am not screaming after my mony (do you understand this sentence????) I cant wait to see it!