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Hey Evithian! It's been a while,nice to see you around. Smile Smilie
I watched the special and that seen was really good,actually all of the show was pretty good.
I saw a scene of ROTK too : Gimli, Legolamb and Barfagorn at the paths of the dead. (yes, paths of the dead) : suddenly the three fellas lose their horses (Brego!!) and then Barfagorn says something like 'i don't fear death'

No, I didn't see it. But I did HEAR it. My radio can pick up TV audio.


Dude, you're got to create names for the reat of the fellowship! Big Laugh Smilie
RotK special? Not on any of the channels I get. There's only like a 10-min. preview that'll be on tonight.