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I'm seeing it tomorrow at about 7 o' clock at the Cineworld in Luton. It's not such a good cinema; the old ABC was much better, but only had 3 screens, and as the Cineworld has 11, the masses flocked and the old one went out of business. Sad Smilie
Tonight at 12:00 at some theatre I've never been to in Des Moines (really the only large city in Iowa). I'll be seeing it with my sis,bro and friends. Can't wait. Smile Smilie
Tomorrow, 1930 GMT, at Peterborough. Now that Boston finally has a multiplex our own Fellowship has broken. Those who would fling the ring in the nearest mountain they come to are staying in Boston to see it, while us old diehards are making our annual pilgrimage out of town.
Hopefully tomorrow evening at the new theatre.
Probably over the weekend, in some crappy Manchester theater with a tiny screen, smelling like sewage, and the sound keeps switching from 3D surround to mono. *stupid theater...*
Probably in our nearby multiplex on 27 or 28 December with my daughter and grandson. That's about when we made our previous pilgrimages to view for the first time, the other two films.
The 26th of December at about 17h00 in Kinepollis Brussels
Officially, at the end of January, at the Hollywood Multiplex here in Bucharest!

Off the record ... much sooner, I hope! BWAAAHAAAHHAA!!!!