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I have not seen the film yet but one of my favourite scenes in the book is when aragorn, legolas and gimli meet merry and pippin in the ruins of Isengard. Would someone who has seen the film tell me if this scene is in the film. I want to know befor I see it so I'm not dissapointed if its not there. Smile Smilie Very Mad Smilie
Yep, it is. Well not all of it but most of it anyway. =)
I too still have to get around to seeing the film! Although to be cruelly honest I am not too bothered! ... he says whilst going back to reading The Hobbit Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie
Haven't seen the movie yet Taz? You need to, its a good show!
Yeah Taz,you need to.
It is on my To-Do list Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie