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Pary Smilie The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King," tonight won 11 Oscars, sweeping each category in which it was nominated. Pary Smilie

Best Picture
Best Director
Best Screenplay (adaptation)
Original Score
Original Song - ’Into the West"
Film Editing
Visual Effects
Art Direction
Costume Design
Sound Mixing

It tied with 'Titanic' and 'Ben Hur' for most Academy Awards in a year.

(I would have posted this on the home page, but my administrator controls seem to have disappeared.) Serching Smilie
So, my guess was right eh? They didn't give the main oscar awards to the previous LotR movies so they had to give it all at once to the last one. As i said before this is no surprise for me and i even won a LotR : RotK DVD with that guess!

P.S. The LotR Movies Suck
Grondy, you prety much posted the same thing i posted in my journals! hahahhahha we think the same... that's scary... well as I said before in my journal I didn't approve some changes and personal things PJ did with the movie, but again I think all the people that hate the movies and PJ "just cuz", should stop for one moment, and think about all the people that worked in it, and how much they worked, I'm sure they did their best, and even thoguht it wasn't perfect, I think we should all appreciate the fact that they brought, or at least tried to bring Middle Earth closer to our reality.
We must look at those 11 Oscars as an award for the entire trilogy, i guess. Ironic that the weakest of the three wins the most Oscars. But ROTK was as bad as Titanic, which also won 11 Oscars, so i guess i can understand it...

Anyway, i wonder why everyone only seems to pay attention to the Academy Awards. LOTR won numerous other prizes. For instance, who can forget the special Ross Award they recieved for best book interpretation?

Elk Grinning Smilie
Hmmm i find myself torn between these two camps, the ones that despise the "adaptation" and those that relished and enjoyed it.
The fact that Peter Jackson himself conceded he was never going to fulfill the expectations of the "PURISTS" and instead settled for the middle ground, possibly indicates the overriding rule of thumb in the Hollywood industry, Big investment necessitates bigger returns.
Tis human nature i suppose to find fault with things first rather than favour, I believe it was a brave attempt that succeeded in more areas than it failed (and i, like the detractors can see the abundant omissions that do the written trilogy an injustice) , and it was the first time since the Star Wars Trilogy that i was genuinely excited about the prospect of a monumental series of films, it took me a while to translate my imaginings from book to film, and after several viewings, on the whole i thought the films captured the Essence of Tolkien if not the exhaustative and sublime detail of the author!

I'd love to see J.R.R. Tolkien and Peter Jackson in celebrity DEATHMATCH!!! 'cept one's already got an advantage in already being dead *sighs*

In the Red Corner weighing in at 300lbs(uhm, maybe?), from South Africa, the undisputed Master of Seminal Fantasy Literature J.R.R. "the Blomfontaien Boss" Tolkien...
Read Smilie

...And introducing in the Blue Corner, the challenger, from New Zealand, he weighs in at approximately 450lbs and stands 3ft 8inches small, famed for his controversial approach to film (Ach! "Braindead") Peter (the hairy-arsed) "Pygmy" Jackson...
Good and Evil Smilie

300 lbs?!?!? Tolkien wasn't an obese monster! You know how heavy that is!? haha

Anyway, I had mixed feelings during the oscars last night. I am a huge LOTR fan, and of the films. I thought they were superb. Yet I didn't think the last one was the best of all.
As LOTR was winning oscars after oscars, I felt sorry for the other 90% of the people there. They must have felt really left out.
I believe that LOTR deserved some, if not most of those awards, but others I felt the acadamy gave them just because they had spent so much time on the film.

I don't know, I just feel like 11 oscars is a quite bit overboard...they should have called it the 76th Anual LOTR Awards!

Very Mad Smilie
"exaggeration is the mother of invention" in terms of deception at least...

Cool Smilie
I still think FotR was the best of the three and it kept closest to the book... Yet, if they didn't honour it as they should've had two years ago, they might as well do it now... Let the Dominion of 'Rings' begin!
This victory is to be savored and celebrated. I am absolutely over the moon over this accomplishment.
We won precioussss, yesss, yesss we did my love! All those other nasssty moviessss didn't get bright, shiney Oscar, no precious, no they didn't!!!
I think PJ is still disappointed, because the 11 Oscars the movies recieved aren't made out of chocolate.
ROLF!!! Mr V Alcoholic Smilie

there should be a "pie-eating smiley" just for PJ the pygmy cave troll.
We won precioussss, yesss, yesss we did my love! All those other nasssty moviessss didn't get bright, shiney Oscar, no precious, no they didn't!!!

Hehe,You're freaking me out,Stoney Elf Winking Smilie
I'm glad for PJ and the cast,but did anyone thank Tolkien? Cause without him writing the Trilogy in the first place they wouldn't have ever had the chance to win any oscars..I certainly didnt hear anyone of them thank him Sad Smilie
During the show, Ian McKellen went on stage and said these lines about why the Lord of the Rings was such a great movie: not because of PJ's great directing, or the art department's terrific work, but J.R.R. Tolkien (and yes, he pronounced the periods as "dot.") and the story he created. McKellen went on about how they were thankful for Tolkien, without whom there would be no story.

So indirectly, yes, someone did thank Tolkien.
I certainly didnt hear anyone of them thank him

I addition to what Sir Ian stated, one of the big wig NL producers, Barrie Osborne also thanked JRRT in his speech, but it’s okay because everyone who’s really in the know knows who the real hero is!

Anyway, I do want to say congrats to PJ, and the entire cast and crew of the LOTR films who worked so hard for many years on a project of unprecedented scale! I didn’t expect the sweep at the Oscars, but I thought every award ROTK won was justly deserved. Bravo!
Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Howard Shore also thanked Tolkien. And I really loved Ian McKellan's little speech of presentation; indeed, none of these would've been possible without the Proffesor's genius! *Bugy bows to his greatness*
I thought it would get one or two minor Oscars, but films of this genre almost always get overlooked when it comes to the big ones. I'm pleased the judges appreciated all the time and effort that went into the trilogy, and gave it the recognition it deserved.

11 though. I didn't expect that.
It's amazimg it touches in some way that makes you want to be there, see it over and over again! I for one will NEVER forget them and I know a lot of other people who will agree with me!

You're right. I'll never forget how lousy they are.

Ok, got that out of my system. I thought it was funny when I read somewhere that Christopher Lee said he would resign from the Academy if ROTK didn't win Best Director and Best Picture, at least. It sooooo deserved everything it got.
That's true that no one directly thanked Tolkien in their speeches, but I suppose he's been praised so much, it was time for the moviemakers' moment of glory. Moments, I guess. Well, several moments. OK, 11 BIG moments. Wink Smilie
Did anyone see the Saturday Night Live (on March 6) where they made fun of Peter J. and all his awards? It was pretty funny... Colin Firth was hosting.
And speaking of SNL, I really liked the one that Ian McKellen hosted last year. It was hilarious... makes me laugh to think about it! Orc Grinning Smilie
BTW, anyone else want Johnny Depp to win Best Actor? I did! I kinda guessed he wouldn't, though... oh well. Maybe another day... Big Smile Smilie
Oh, and Virumor, I hope you were joking when you said the films were lousy...
I THINK that was sarcastic, anywayz... Ha Ha Ha Smilie

Vir joking...?

It ain't gonna happen!
Vee's right. It wasn't a joke. The movies are really really lousy imco.
How can RoTK get 11 Oscars? PoTC should’ve gotten at least half of them.....
How can RoTK get 11 Oscars?

I'll tell you how;

P.J made the first movie. They thought;
"Oh god! How can somebody possibly make such a horrible movie from such a great book?"
They gave him a few oscars.

P.J. made the second movie. Again they thought;
"God! Is that man ever gonna stop?"
They gave him a few oscars.

P.J. made the third movie. Somebody finally said;
"We have to make this man stop!"
And another said ;
"Okay then, let's give him a few of the good ones, maybe he'll stop then"
And they gave him all oscars they had.
LOL! Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
Good one, Vampyr. And so so true. Thumbs Up Smilie
THat is sOOO right! That's the greatest! Hahahahahahaha!!!! LOL!!!!LOL!!!!LOL!!!!!LOL!!!!!LOL!!!!!!! Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie
I think u're pretty much right on that, Vampyr, considering the first one deserved a lot more than four!
Hehehehe good one is the only logical motive for giving it 11 Oscars.....or perhaps Oscars are about how poor a movie is after this? Who knows?
Birthday SmiliePary SmilieWE WONPary SmilieBirthday Smilie
Dont get mad people the movies IRULEDI
Or not, Vilyon. They really Tongue Smilie SUK Tongue Smilie
I take it you guys didn't like the movies... to put it lightly.
But do you really think a movie can ever equal the intricacy of the book? I think they made a pretty good version, considering.
Anyway, I'm not trying to be the Devil's advocate, just pointing out another side to look at.
LOL Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Films based on novels will never capture the true nature of it...we can sit here a winch and wine about the movies but hats off ta the big fellow he did what he did and I think he did ok. And the 11 oscars were worth it set design, costumes , makeup alot of work went into it hell these folks spent 5 years or whatever it was makin' it...give em credit where credit is due...PJ ya did ok in my book....though it aint very big
I loved the movies just like I love the books; however, they're like apples and oranges: comparing one to the other does justice to neither. IMHO Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
They deserved every single award they got. I was so happy!!

I think that if they were to have had a nomination for best actor or maybe even supporting actor, I would have nominated Sean Astin. I thought he was fantastic in ROTK. They were all fantastic, but I thought his acting in the last one really stood out.
Yeah, Astin's acting was great. He kind of turned out like Sam in the book. He did a wonderful job but it was overshadowed by everyone else.
I too think Astin made a great Sam and he should've been at least nominated for his performance!
I agree, Sean Astin was perfect for Sam, and he did an amazing job! I suspect that his performance in ROTK will even be made all the more stronger when the SEE DVD is released.
Super Wow Smilie
Rotk getting 11 oscars surprised but later i thouk;gt aabout how the battle of trhe pellenor was so thriling. I decided the judges werent wacko.