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Once again the musci was simply fantastic... anybody thinks not?

May I just agree with u, My Lady? I also think the music was great and, as far as I'm concerned, Howard Shore should've gotten all three Oscars for the soundtrack, not just two! I didn't see even the people who dislike (or hate) the movies complaining about the music... but there's always a start for everything!
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I absolutely love all three soundtracks. One of the reasons I purchased the DVD's and have seen the films several times is for the soundtrack. They are so perfectly constructed to enhance the story.
That was like the shortest post I had ever made.

The soundtrack is so cool. WHo knows the words to the SHire theme?
Um... what? I thought the 'Shire theme' was instrumental. Could you be a little more specific on what part of the music you're talking about: i.e. where in the movie, or perhaps where on the CDs, if you own them? I'd like to help but I don't understand what you're asking.

The music was indeed, as the other two times, fantastic.

I have found an interesting CD, called "Music from the Lord of the Rings trilogy performed by MASK". It is really nice, mostly keyboard, and though not as nice as the real stuff, a fine performance. Unfortunately I have no idea who this MASK is.
I loved the music, bought all 3 tracks. Since i don't like the movies, the music was the best part for me. ~irima-arwen
I love'd the first one and thought the other two were O.K. Wiggle Smilie
They did kinda use the same composition in the ttt and rotk music. ~irima-arwen
It was still great though.
They did kinda use the same composition in the ttt and rotk music.
Yes, Howard Shore used the same basic themes, for the diferent racial groups. But for each film, he composed different music based on those themes and what was happening in the movie at the time it was playing.

Compare the hobbit Shire theme flute tunes in each of the three movies and you will see they are similar yet different. Can anyone tell us what feelings he is trying to instill with each of these tunes?
The music was fantastic....but if you didn't listen to it while watching the may not have seemed so great. The movies helped make the music...don't you see? This music belongs to the films.

Yes..the books are outstanding....but I love all 3 films...and the music makes it all the better.
does someone knows the title of the song that plays in the house of healing part in Return of the king?? when Eowyn is wounded ?!?!
I felt that Howard Shore was trying to express the love and brotherhood found within the group of Hobbits in the Shire theme. I found the melody was very uplifting and had a very loving feeling to them. The Rohan theme was very dramatic and seemed to almost gallop along with the horse-lords. I thought it showed the strength that Rohan held, and the commitment they had to each other. The Isengard/Orc theme reminded me a lot of clanging metal (this one was mainly found in the FOTR soundtrack.) which, to me, symbolized the changes they were making in their weaponry and the style of fighting. It also symbolized that they felt strong enough to win their wars and felt strong being led by Sauron and Sarumon. Aragorn's "theme", as it is, was somewhat mysterious in FOTR and showed that the Hobbits didn't quite know whether or not to trust him. By TT, however, his theme was becoming more "kingly" and Shore was using a lot more "kingly" sounding instruments when Aragorn was on the scene. By more kingly instruments, I, of course, mean, trumpets, french horns and lot of lower end horns (tuba, trombone, etc.). I don't really have time to finish this up, but I think I covered all that i was looking to...I guess if you really want to hear me yap on and on about the music and truly show my inner music-geek, you could message me. I'd be more than happy to oblige. Well...hope you enjoyed my rambling!
-Music Geek, Lemaly Orangeflower
i heart howard shore.

it's that simple.

tha man is bloody brilliant!
HELLO Has anyone been to a concert ? In Norway we have one of our greatest vocalsingers (my opinion ) Sissel Kyrkjeb’ that had a concert in Stavanger ( West / East ) Shes also going to have a concert in Oslo ( capital ) this wekeend .A couple aof weeks ago she had one in Rome with Placido Damingo ? Its Of Course LOTR music Smile Smilie
Whoa, mellon, that is so totally hip! Pixie Smilie I really LOTR music too. I have downloaded all the soundtracks... my favourite was the Lothlorien parts...they were so strange and mystical...the choirs were great. They really sounded like the heavens to me, I instinctly thought of Varda when I heard it.
And I do agree that the music belongs to the films. The song called "the steward of gondor" is really good on its own, but only with the film can you really see its tragedy Very Sad Smilie I'll say it again for the hundredth time: Billy Boyd has got an amazing voice!!!
Couldtn agree with you more !!! I often listen to the LOTR mosic , and Billy Boyd Has a very clean wonderful voice Angel Smilie
and Viggo Mortenson's voice is really good too. Cool Smilie it sounded very kingly I
So true !!!!! That s one of my favourite part to listen /watch
Yeah.. Big Smile Smilie .I hummed it under my breath for a few weeks until my mom started doing it as well, and well (cough cough) y'know...ummm... Paranoid Smilie her voice isn't exactly Viggo's more dying cow.... but it still shows how rich Viggo's voice is! Dog Smilie