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Thread: Trilogy Trailer.

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Have you guys seen the new trailer for the whole Lord of the Rings trilogy? It is on

It moves through all three movies elegantly and beautifully, featuring songs placed carfully throught it. It creates this warm feeling in your heart, that is our trilogy, the trilogy to rule them all. Even if you thought the movies were a dissapointment, I would watch it anyway. It is a good recap.

I really enjoy this trailer, and hope it is on the ROTK extended DVD.

i have seen the trailer and it rules!!
but Anilorak why do u say that the movies were a 'disappointment' ?
i think the movies added some visual gratification to the book. still i respect your thoughts and your perspective.
But the movies were a disappointment!
the super trailer is on teh rotk dvd!! yay i love it!!! just as good as the movies Tongue Smilie