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Does anyone know if the drinking game between Legolas and Gimli is going to mkae it into the extended edition of ROTK? There's been much tlak of it, but that reviewer of the Extended Edition never said anything about it...
Yes that is in the ROTK EE. I have seen images of it. They were kinda funny.
There was a drinling competition, i don't remember there being one. Well, i really haven't been reading into the LOTR latley. I have been preocupied. Irima-Arwen
When does the extended edition come out?
Depending on where you live either on the 10th of Dcember (UK, France, The Netherlands) or the 13th of December (USA, Canada).

See this thread, page 6.
That's pretty funny...
"I feel a strange tingling in my fingers...yes...yes....I believe it is having some effect on me..."
Yes indeed. It was one of the totally unflattering shots of Gimli and Legolas that PJ decided to add... I mean, just look at Gimli's wet beard and crossed eyes! It's rather unlike what was described in the book!
How I wish I had never seen that embarrassing bit. It was so unfitting to me, at least and diminished the character of Gimli and even Legolas seemed rather silly. As if he had not seen the effects of alcohol of men and knew what to expect if anything were to happen. It just seemed so contrived and slapstick. ugly really. Shocked Smilie
I think it's a fun and harmless scene..I don't mind watching it ..It's meant to be silly and I think it isOrc Smiling Smilie
I thought the scene was pretty funny too. Even though it makes them seem a lot sillier than they are in the books, I find the constant banter and competition between the two in the movies to be entertaining.
It seemed a bit out of character (from the books) but then the books do say that they became the best of friends, nigh inseparable, and you'll have to admit that drinking games among soldiers and good friends on a long campaign are not, uh, unheard of.

Although I agree with Leelee, since he's from mirkwood, he's not unfamiliar with men or dwarves (being part of a society that trades with laketown, not too far from the lonely mountain), and although he 's probably never entered a drinking competition with a dwarf using the mead of Rohan before, that's no reason to pretend he doesn't know what to expect or how much alcohol he can hold. By Bilbo's account, elves in Mirkwood have a fondness for drink as much as any other folk!.... Wink Smilie
And even in our medival times, people got sick from drinking water and thus drank beer, ale, and wine which killed most bacteria and the humans and animals normally didnt foul the kegs and barrels. I assume Mirkwood and other areas of Middle-earth were similar in thay didn't have a Department of Health checking the potability of the local streams, rivers, springs, and wells. Did you ever have to muck out a cow shed in the time between winter and spring? That foul water had to drain somewhere and sometime it was into the local well. 'Yuckers! Bartender, another ale, if you please.'
Did you ever have to muck out a cow shed in the time between winter and spring? That foul water had to drain somewhere and sometime it was into the local well. 'Yuckers! Bartender, another ale, if you please.'

Yeah, but...what if that water (from the well) was then used to make the ale you just ordered? Ahhh, NOW WE KNOW where that rich dark color comes from, LOL! Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
The ordinary ppl in Europe's medievil times mostly drank milk and ate bread. Meat & wine were for the nobles.

That is interesting Vir. I did not know that. But surely the people had knowledge to boil the water, hopefully the milk. i do hope so, undulent fever from raw milk is  serious. I remember being shocked when i read about a saint that as a small child, attended a small school and all the children were given a fairly hefty glass of red wine and a cookie at lunch time each day. i am surprised they were not all in a coma the rest of the day.