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For those who do not know... there are 2 easter eggs on the ROTK EE!!

This morning I read the following on TORN

Easter (Eggs)? But It's Not Even Christmas?!
Xoanon @ 8:20 pm EST

Rasputin the Evil Balrog writes: I just wanted to make sure everyone knows that there are two Easter Eggs on the Extended Edition of ROTK. The bogus interview of Elijah Wood conducted by Dominic Monaghan (as German journalist Hans Jensen) that PJ mentioned at the Oscar Party was already confirmed by your earlier report from Britain and is found on the first disc of the film.

On the second disc there is a second Easter Egg, though, that I haven't seen anyone mention. It's this year's MTV Movie Awards skit featuring Vince Vaughan and Ben Stiller taking a meeting with Peter Jackson to pitch their ideas for a sequel to Lord of the Rings ("The Ring was destroyed." "But what if it wasn't?"). Not my fave of the three years of MTV Eggs, but still hilarious.

Oh, and FYI, the Eggs are accessed on each disc by going into the chapter selection menu, choosing the last chapter, then pressing the down arrow on your remote. A Ring icon will appear at the bottom of the screen, and you hit enter to access the egg. Very similar to the previous EEs.
See article on the PT Homepage under Internet News.
Better to have the info in both places I think, especially since the post on the Homepage will be gone soon, and this belongs here long term anyway!

I watched the Easter Egg on disc 2 last night, which I hadn't previously seen, pretty funny stuff! I'm going to check out the other one on disc 1 a little later today.
Elf Smilie
Yes, Elfstone, I agree. Different cources often give additional information. I should have thanked Rhapsody for posting the information she did.

Thanks Rhapsody. Better late never....