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When Pippin sings his song to Denethor he uses many sentences from Tolkiens own poem named: Walking Song from the book Poems from LOTR.
I think Tolkien used this poem in The Fellowship of the Rings , but I cant find it anywhere ,is there anyone who can help me ? Mellon
If its the Walking song of Bilbo, you'll find it at the end of the chapter "The Long Expected Party". But if its something else you are talking about, I have no idea. Other more learned members (that is everyone else) will be able to help you better!
You can find both the poems whose first lines I quote below in FotR Book One, Chapter 3 which is titled 'Three is Company'.
The Road goes ever on and on
Upon the hearth the fire is red,
Though both have elements of walking and were used as such, I think the second is probably the one for which you are looking. If I am bored tonight I may fire up my DVD to see if either of them are the ones, meanwhile I have put on the sound track CD and will listen to tract 5 to see if I can understand the words; if so I'll come back and edit this with the info.

Later: Okay, Pippin's song on track 5 entitled 'The Steward of Gondor' is comprised of the first eight lines of the third stanza of the Upon the Hearth poem.

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Thank you ! Happy Elf Smilie
Did you want the entire song? I know the least i know how to get them. I could write them here for you if you wanted. Send me a message if you would like them! Wiggle Smilie
I really enjoyed the soundtrack for ROTK. I thought it was the best out of the three. I'm really into music, and the soundtrack really "caught my ear" i guess. I love to listen to it, and i find myself listening to it over and over again!
The street goes on and on is sung by Gandalf the Grey arriving in the Shire and Bilbo leaving Bagend.

The lyrics of Pippin’s song are very close to the book:
Home is behind, the world ahead,
And there are many paths to tread
Through shadows to the edge of night,
Until the stars are all alight.
Mist and shadow, cloud and shade,
All shall fade! All shall fade!

I was very impressed by Pip’s song, hearing Billy’s clear voice while watching Faramir riding in his certain death and Denethor eating unhurried.
I’m glad that PJ used so much songs as homage to Tolkien.
Welcome to PT, Neithwen!!

I think you're right, this song in this particular scene was a really good choice, it made the whole scene very impressing.
It's funny to read this thread again .At the moment I'm using Pippins song as my favourite tune on my cell phoneHappy Elf Smilie
Oh, these friends of mine wanted to sing it for a talent show, but then they didn't due to some wierd reason. But it shows how good that song was. Is.
how did you manage to get the song on your cell phone??? Is it just what Pippin sang or the complete song???
I found on-line and downloaded it for the mp3 player and used it on my cell phone.Happy Elf SmilieAnd Yes Loss it's the whole song that Pippin singsSmile Smilie
Pippin Took of Tookburg

Every Hobbit in the nation
Or of great or humble station
Holds in highest estimation
Pippin Took of Tookburg
Loudly he can sing or low
He can move you fast or slow
Touch your hearts or stir your toe
Pippin Took of Tookburg

When the wedding bells are ringing
His the breath to lead the singing
Then in jigs the folks go swinging
What a splendid singer
He will blow from eve to mourn
Counting sleep a thing of scorn
Young is he but not foolhardy
Know you such a singer?

When he walks to Buckland pealing
`Round his head the birds come wheeling
Pippin has carols worth the stealing
Pippin Took of Tookburg
Thrush and Linnet, finch and lark
To each other twitter "Hark"
Soon they sing from light to dark
Pippin's song from Tookburg
Hmm.I meant the track where he singing those few lines from the movie ..did I confuse you Loss ?but thanks for the lyrics VirSmile Smilie
I love those words. Billy Boyd was stellar as he sang that song. It had such a haunting quality, so rich in years and echoes of the past somehow.
I think I was most freaked out when I read one of the poems by Bilbo and saw it was the Hey diddle diddle the cat in the fiddle song. I couldn't believe it.
They should have been singing Johnny Cash - I Walk the Line.
I meant the track where he singing those few lines from the movie ..did I confuse you Loss ?

No, I also was refering to the song that Billy sang. I like his singing that particular part, the sense of sorrow without music for part of it. (Maybe slight strings in the background, can't remember) Plus, he was forced to sing in some respects and about the world's end, mist and shadow etc.... but, a nice "relaxing" piece to to help you think about the poor Gondorian Knights that (for no reason) charged into a flood of arrows...... I thought that the knight was a powerful piece on the board..... although if Sauron played, he'd probably cover every square with little Nazgul pieces that would scare all the other pieces and make them hide back in their box.......
Billy Boyd was stellar as he sang that song. It had such a haunting quality, so rich in years and echoes of the past somehow.

That's why I like to listen to it... while I'm alone walking somewhere ..I also listen to it if I'm sad ..reminds me of Faramir and it makes me even more sadSad Smilie
hey guys which tracks do you listen from?- howard shore or enya? i prefer enta specially corcerning hobbits
Both actually Smile Smilie I love all the music from LOTRSmile Smilie
I really liked Sauron singing Eye of the Tiger... or was that Eye of the Tyrant?

It was nice to see and hear that the old nasty bugger still had a soft spot left in him.
They should have been singing Johnny Cash - I Walk the Line.

Yes I can just hear it now, the swelling Celtic music and those words! Wink Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie

I read once about Billy and how he was orphaned, I hope I have this right. He was raised after that by his grandmama, so I think he was able to insert great sorrow and pain of heart into his singing from the echoes of his experiences.
Concerning Pipppin's song i didn't know the english one cause i watched the fellowship and the two tower's extended english version but had to watch the french version of ROTK.

anyway i aggree with you vir all the LOTR songs are great.