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Which of the songs do you like best:

May It Be by Enya
Gollum's Song by Emiliana Torrini (Is this her name? I don't quite remember it now, so correct me if I'm wrong)
Into The West by Annie Lennox

I think they're all very beautiful and can't quite decide which one I like best, I think it might be Gollum's Song - her voice is brilliant!
Yes Ithil, Gollum's Song was sung by Emiliana Torrini. I'm partial to Into The West sung by Annie Lennox; it still makes chills run up and down my spine.
Ya, i agree. Into the West was the best of the three. I think it related to the story more, and really connected to what was happening, and what the fellowship was thinking and feeling at the end of ROTK. It was a very beautiful song, and one that i find myself humming quite a bit!
Emilia Torrini has a unique voice which is easily connected with Gollum. She takes a lot of his inner fight and pain in this song. It’s a great performance.
I don’t like ’Into the West’ so much, nevertheless the lyric is well done, but I don’t like the way how it is presented. I think the voice of Annie Lennox is a bit too, how do I say, strong. I would have preferred a softer voice.
All three songs are quite well done as expected by the audience and fans, but each song has another character.
I like as Ithil ’Gollum’s Song’ best, because of the singer. Concerning the lyrics is ’Into The West’ absolutely the top.
it's hard to say which song i like the best. it depends. each of them are so different and perfect in the context of the movie.

may it be offers hope and sings of friendship. i love hearing this song.
gollum's song is mournful and haunting. i love playing this song (i'm a musician)
into the west is a great finale, beautiful and is saying goodbyw. i love to sing this song.

if i had to pick (which i guess is the point of this thread) then i'd have to say into the west because it can also be taken out of a lotr context... it doesn't depend on the listener to like the movies. i also like how it was dedicated to cameron duncan.
As for me, I like more Enya "May It Be". She has a wonderful voice, very clear, like crystal stream. In my imagination, elves have exactly this kind of voice that charms...
My favourite song would be into the west. I don't really know why, because from most points of view gollum's song and may it be pretty much equal into the west, they really have different themes and though they all have one thing in common : melancholy I still consider them as different styles of music. But why I fell for into the west is because when I first heard it it was just perfect. Ending songs always touch you the most... Smile Smilie

I love Enyas version,cos I believe that her voice is like an instrument..... Buy I also like Annies song, Into the west ,cos It is such a powerful ending! to Tolkiens work Happy Elf Smilie

Actually, Into the West was the perfect ending to Peter Jackson's version of Tolkien's work, and it is also my favorite of the three songs.

Today I saw the trailer for PJ's King Kong, just before I saw the screening of Spielberg's War of the Worlds. I can't say I heard or remember any music in either the movie or trailer, just a lot of loud noise: I must have been sitting on top of a subwoofer, for several times I felt the earth move.
I love all three songs and cannot decide which one is the best.
I play all three songs all the time on my piano. I FINALLY got the score for it after hunting through a lot of bookstores...phew! I'm actually gonna do a pianoviolin duet on May It Be with my friend. We've been dying to try it out...
wow, respect, Cloveress... that certainly sounds great... I'd love to be able to play the piano. playing such songs on the guitar doesn't sound that magnificent... Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie
btw, where did you get the lyrics and chords and so on?
I got the scorebook at the bookstore. It's actually all big note pianolized, and made really really easy to play, so some of it doesn't sound that good. The chords lack some fullness in it that cannot be achieved by the piano. But these three songs sound good.

And guitar is very hip!! You play electric or classic? I think classic guitars sound very romantic... Puppy Smilie
classic. I always objected to owning an instrument which can't even be played during a power failure... or on a station waiting for the train, in a park... so I've got my classic guitar and like it very much. though I have not been playing a lot lately.... Very Sad Smilie
i love all the songs, i think they each reperesent each book at the time. although, my favourite is into the west.
well duh... of course classic!!! Thumbs Up Smilie Electrics can sound good sometimes, but I've become rather opposed to heavy metal lately... Did you ever try Into the West on your guitar?
no, actually not. but now that you say it, I think I should try it. can't be that bad. but, you never heard me playing .... Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie nooo, I promise I'm not that bad... and I'll try into the west. tomorrow. it's gonna be fun. but now I'm tooooo tired... Sleeping Smilie
I'm listening to my version of Into the West, where a flute has the solo, a harpsichord does the tinkly bits, and a cello fills in the broad lower part. I can't play music in real time, but manually input the notes from the sheet music into my Commodore 128 computer and then ported it to my PC. I'm having to do it all on my PC now, via VICE's x128 and x64 emulation programs, because the power supply on my 20 year old Commocore recently gave up the ghost. (I( think I've found the source for a replacement.)

Currently I'm inputing J.S.Bach's Trio Organ Sonata No. 5. Along with the three written parts, I also transpose the higher clavier up an octave and the lower one and the pedal, down an octave, and play it using six brass instruments. I get my scores from Dover.

"Into The West" was a perfect ending to the movies and that's why I'd say it is my favourite. The lyrics are beautiful, the song is very emotional compelling. Annie Lennox definitely has the perfect voice for this song. I also love how it appears in the background when Gandalf talks about the white shores with Pippin.

"Gollum's Song" immediately catched my attention when I heard it for the first time. At that time I didn't know who sang this, but the singer's voice was very intriguing and along with the lyrics it made a great song for Gollum. The atmosphere in that song is absolutely unique.

I never liked "May It Be", and even if it is a beautiful song, I've never developed any stronger feelings to it. Not sure why, it didn't click for me, it didn't catch my attention.

I love all three, Annie however does it for me. I listen to Into the West often and in the films it used to signify death quite often. If you have Into The West on CD or download, turn up the volume right at the end. There is the most wonderful violin section which gives me goosebumps every time. Gollum's song is surely the saddest song I've ever heard, beautiful and depressing at the same time. Re Enya I love May It Be, there is another song on the soundtrack by Enya which also is lovely. All tracks featuring Rene Flemming singing in Elvish also are wonderful.

It would be May it Be for me! I love Enya's voice and I find the song very peaceful and enchanting. I may get some sticks for that, but while I like the wording of the song Into the West I don't quite like the voice of Annie! Gollum's song would be the second choice! It is very fitting to his character!

I agree with Indis. I love Into the west of Annie Lennox. The lyrics are perfect to end the movie. Today I have given to my colleague in the office the lyrics of both songs, May it be and Into the west and he was so happy about them. He told me "how beautiful!"  Another PT member in brief, hahaha,.

There is the most wonderful violin section which gives me goosebumps every time.

Brego, I have the same reaction while listening to the very first notes of the song. No matter what I was doing at that moment, it immediately catches my attention and sets my brain into "it is the end, they are going to die, no more Frodo, no more Gandalf" mode - well, I wrote it in a  bit silly way, but I guess you know what I meant. The song triggers these emotions in my head, they are inseparable now I guess. From one of the documentaries in ROTK EE I remember that the song was dedicated to a boy, who passed away because of some serious illness (cancer probably).

I agree about Rene Flemming - I can't think about more elvish voice. Beautiful.

And do you remember The One Ring's theme from the soundtrack? There's a children's choir - you can hear it for example when Aragorn finds Frodo on Amon Hen, before Frodo leaves the Fellowship in the FOTR. The choir always gives me goosebumps, what an amazing, fascinating moment. I would never connect those inncocent and gentle voices with The Ring, but it was a brilliant move form the composer's part.

I could go on and on about the music from the movies.

How about the music when Frodo meets Shelob? I'm amazed how 'ugly' that part is - it almost seems out of place considering those elvish melodies and charming voices. It's ugly, chaotic, dark, frightening. It's like Shelob herself.

Thorin, yes - Enya seems to have perfect voice for those songs - I prefer "Aniron" (Aragorn and Arwen's Theme) over "May It Be" though.

Yes Indis! Anarion. That's the song I couldn't remember. Lovely to hear Elvish sung by an Elf, she has to be an Elf dear Enya. Have you heard Enya's Tolkien inspired Lothlorien? It's an oldie. Another of my favourite themes is the introduction to Rivendel, another Goose Bump moment. Soaring Elvish Choir with a sweeping strings section. Perfection!

Yes, Enya has an elvish voice for sure! I haven't heard the Lothlorien song by Enya before, I found it now, and it's very nice. I didn't know Enya was a fan - that's amazing. In the perfect world that's how it should be done - artists engaged in the projects they loved, not simply hired.

If by introduction to Rivendell you mean the beginning of  "Many Meetings"  I know what you're talking about. It is beautiful and suits perfectly the maginificence of Rivendell showed on screen. When it comes to The Fellowship Of The Ring soundtrack, I also lo-ooo-oo-ve the the scene where the Fellowship enters Moria and Gandalf lights up his wand, and you see those great halls in Khazad-Dum - it is a very special moment in the music which always makes me wonder how great would it be to see those caves when the Dwarves were living there.

How about Gandalf's fall? It's probably the only moment in the movie, when you don't hear any melody. I remember it from watching the movie in the theatre for the first time. I didn't even read the book at that point, so I was absolutely shocked and that silence amplified this feeling so much.

"Amon Hen" is heartbreaking for me. Maybe that's one of the resons I love the name "Amon Hen" so much - because when I heard it for the first time the music was so beautiful. One of my favourites too.

I realized not so long ago, that after LOTR I started to pay much more attention to music in the background while watching movies. I just try not to lose the action while listening to the music Wink Smilie

Great memories in song everyone! It's also the tiny musical sequences in the films that make them so special. Like the few seconds in the last battle at the Black Gates when all looks lost. "The Eagles are coming!" Gandalf looks up and the whole musical theme changes into that pure soaring choir boy's voice of pure light. This same voice envelopes The White rider when he saves Faramir from the Nazgul. Very powerful indeed.

I like May It Be best. Just a magical voice.

Gollum's song is next best for me. It's really true to his character and presented really well. What makes Into the west fail for me is how Annie's voice sounds when she hits the high notes. It becomes loud and war-like and gets detached from the mood and the topic. But the lyrics are amazing.

 What makes Into the west fail for me is how Annie's voice sounds when she hits the high notes. It becomes loud and war-like and gets detached from the mood and the topic. But the lyrics are amazing.


You found the words I couldn't Odette! That's exactly why I don't like the song! While Enya's song are amongst my favourite, the one i love most is "Concerning Hobbits" which while not really a song is just superb!

What do you think about the songs that were performed by actors? Some of the were only in the extended versions of the movies, but I think they were pretty lovely and added more depth to the movies.

My favourites would be Arwen's song (Return of the King, Houses of Healing scene in the extended version) and Pippin's song (ROTK, Minas Tirith scene). But we also have Aragorn singing (two times as far as I remember) and hobbits singing at Green Dragon, Gandalf's song (when arriving in Hobbiton), Bilbo's song (when leaving Bag End).

Oh yes Indis. Eowyn sing in old English at the funeral of Theodred is impressive. Followed by that amazing speach and heartbreaking breakdown between Gandald and Theoden. It moments like these that made the movies for me....And of course Merry and Pipps drinking song "The Green Dragon!!"

Brego, I knew I forgot about somebody - I forgot about Eowyn! Powerful song, and also great acting skills from Miranda Otto - I can feel her grief and despair through her voice. I agree with you about those scenes being so important - I cannot imagine myself watching "Fellowship Of the Ring" without "The Passing of the Elves" scene after I saw it. Do you remember their singing? What a beautiful, magical moment, so enchanting!

Oh, I haven't seen the extended version of the LOTR movies so I didn't listen to any of those songs.


Anyway, I will try to search them in the internet and then make my comments. By the way, what about songs without lyrics? There are many that don't need words to explain a feeling and I am not talking about those tracks in which a menacing orc is coming near. I mean, what about the music when the fires of Minas Tirith begin to burn? even if you are not watching the film and see all those mountain peaks being lighted up, you can feel that something huge is happening, it has something of courage, a bit of hope and strength in that music.

Yes Elbereth the lighting of the beacons is a fabulous score. And Indis I would love an extended album of the Elven themes including the passing of the Elves. The music and vocal involved when Arwen sees a future vision of Aragorn and Eldarion is wonderful. I'm hoping we will get some more lush and gorgeous Elven themes in the new films. Tra La La Lally..... Perhaps not that. lol

"Lightning of the beacons" melody was played at the Oscars, it was so long ago and I still remember that moment.

Time passes, and first couple of seconds of "Storm is coming" still manages to catch my attention. The One Ring's theme is powerful tool of distraction! Smile Smilie

pippin's ballad in Denethor's hall.

I have put together about five hours of music compilations both by Mr Shore and by others inpired by Tolkien as a playlist on You tube. Its amazing how much is on youtube. Only problem is that the adds ar awful between each song.... I have to minimise the window though as some have best of moments from the movies and I beome transfixed at work if I start to watch....

I like the dwarves theme in the hobbit moviemail