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okay... i have a quick question... does anybody know the name of the song that liv tyler sings for the houses of healing sequence in the extended return of the king? i love that song and would like to know the title :P

hannon le
The song is simply called "Arwen's song". If you go to this site here there is a link at the bottom which will allow you to download it. I think there was another post somewhere that I mentioned this, Probably under the Two Towers section...I think. I can't remember, anyways, there it is.
Did you know this was the song that was supposed to be sung at the time when Arwen sees her son. But it was changed. It was sung in the house of healing so that it could bring Aragon, Arwen and Eowyn together. The orignal scene did not have Eomer in but he said that the character was so upset at finding her and thinking her dead that he should be at this scene. I think it is a really beautiful and romantic scene, especially when Eowyn and Faramir meet. ahhhh In Love Smilie

I still think they should have kept Merry there, apart from that one scene where Merry and Pippin are the seconds to run and they get
yes... oh trust me.. i have seen the extended edition (and the behind the scenes stuff) many many times. i love the song so much. it's beautiful. like howard shore said, it connects the two women and i really feel they should have left the houses of healing scenes in the theatrical cut. they made eowyn seem very... for less of a better word... fickle. one moment she's pining for aragorn and the next she's happy with faramir? what the heck? i had to explain it to a lot of my friends the story that was DROPPED out of the movie.... thanks the valar for the extended edition.

thank you very much for the link!

I'm a little late on the uptake, but I believe the song is simply called "The Houses of Healing." I have all the extended scores, and that's what it's called on the album. Great song!

I am not sure what is the worst: the thought of Arwen's presence in the Houses of Healing, or the thought of Liv Tyler singing.

Good to have you back, Vir!

Vir, did you even listen to the song we're talking about before posting your snide comment? "The thought of Liv Tyler singing" implies that you haven't even heard her sing, so perhaps you should get off Planet Tolkien and stop judging things you know nothing about. I'm willing to bet you're no vocalist yourself.

Bhk07, to start off with, insulting one of the Council and more respected members on this site was perhaps not the best way to introduce yourself. Secondly, Planet Tolkien is a Family-Friendly, open and respectful site that almost one hundred per cent of the time gets along without any disputes between members. And finally, I think you have to learn that Vir isn't too well known for his liking of PJ's interpretation of LOTR Big Smile Smilie and is known for his wit and slight cynicism towards the world in general. Anyway, I hope my post hasn't scared you off. We are truly a very welcoming site, and I hope this little trip over the threshold hasn't discouraged you. Big Smile Smilie

Fornad: I would hardly consider my classifying Vir's comment as "snide" an insult. I find that to be a true statement, and if you read my post again I think you'll see that it was actually his comment which contained the insult. Not that I feel truly compelled to take up for Liv Tyler (although I found her vocals to be quite enjoyable in the track "Houses of Healing"Wink Smilie, but I found his comment to be snide and insulting towards those of us who were having a genuine discussion about the song. In fact, I joined Planet Tolkien to make that first comment in the hopes that it would help someone else discover the name of the song at issue. Point being, I was trying to help some of your members. Nothing I said in my second post was inappropriate for a family environment. I was simply voicing my opinion, and if you feel it's necessary to try to censure me then that is your prerogative. You didn't scare me away from the site, although that seemed to be the implicit meaning behind your post due to the fact that you weren't adding anything substantive to the discussion about the song. It's a shame that a person can't even join a community in which people supposedly share the same interests (how someone could not care for Peter Jackson's rendition of LOTR is beyond me) without being called out for stating an honest opinion about someone else's condescending remark. Enjoy your Monday.

Hello Bkh07. Please don't be offended by Vir's post as it wasn't an insult towards you. As a long time member I can say with certainty that Vir likes to make sarcastically grumpy posts and in now way meant to offend you Smile Smilie


And welcome to PT Waving Hello Smilie

Thank you for the words of welcome, Thorin.

Bkh07, welcome.

Way to go Vir!  Ah how I have missed your sweet words of admiration and awe of everything PJ.

Listen  Bkh07, Vir in no way was being rude or mean. Once you get to know him you will love him, of that I am quite sure. His comments are brilliant, insightful and he does get one going if you know what I mean. He makes us think and dig into our books and to me he is about the dearest person you could ever 'meet' on this beloved site.

I don't think somehow you would have been all that taken with Lord of All !indecision