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There's one scene in the EE of ROTK that Isurprisingly did not take note of until yesterday. It is near the end, when Sam and Frodo are on mt. Doom and Sam looks up and sees the stars through a slight opening in the clouds. The clouds are fiery red and the sy above is an incalculable blue. Sam says something like, "Look, Mr. Frodo, up there, you see there are places that even the shadow can't touch..."

It somehow made my pea-sized heart want to burst.
There is no way you have a pea sized heart. Never.
I honestly don't recall that, just reading what you said gave me tears. I think the unrestrained feelings and thoughts of the two dear friends in a moment when they honestly did think it was the end of all things is so very beautiful and heart renching. Oddly enough I was thinking that it somehow reminded me of people I know whose marriages were battered and torn and at some shining moment the two put all aside and threw as it were all the ugliness into the molten mess of their own Mt. Doom and started fresh and new.
It somehow made my pea-sized heart want to burst. (by Cloveress from Dol Amroth)

"Even the smalest person can change the course of faith"
(said by Galadriel in LoTR movie- director Peter Jackson, the FoTR)

It is not the size of the heart but the size of emotion that counts. The fact that you can act (react) the right way in the right moment, as to share a tear in compassion (as in this case) makes me thing you are GRATE PERSON.

Cuio vae!
But aren't you all forgetting (or not aware) that Clover is a small, green fairy? Pea size would be quite large. Happy Elf Smilie
Not really awear with fearies. What do they look like?
Not really awear with fearies. What do they look like?

Consider Tinker Bell of the Walt Disney movie Peter Pan as a good example of a fairy, if you haven't peeked inside your parent's copy of Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book.
My parents do not own such a book and I doubt that it was printed in our lands at all. The movie example is quite helping. Thanks!

That sentence is so packed with meaning, at least I find it so, and almost comes close to a declaration of faith in Eru. Very very emotional. Ammornil, you are so very dear, miss you.

Isn't it wonderful how a small line of text ( or scene from film ) can effect us so deeply. I often look at at the sky at night and if it's cloudy look for a star peeping through. Also I can't look at the moon without thinking about Ithil Following his beloved Anar across the sky. Simply amazing story telling from our fav Proffesor.