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I've been gone for a long time being busy with sewing things that took a lot of concentration and time but while I was busy I had a thought: Gollum died in the fires of Mount Doom but if he had not, if the ring had been destroyed without his being killed, would he have been entitled to go to the Undying Lands with the other Ringbearers? I can't imagine that he would have wanted to go but what would the Elves and the Valar have thought?
He would have most certainly not been granted access to such a sacred place.
He was not wholely evil of cource and there was yet a change that he could be healed but being lived so long i think that sadly he would have died the second when the ring was destroyed.
I think he was destined to die with the ring. But if he didn't he certainly wouldn't be allowed to go to Valinor thought he might try to follow the grey ship disguised as a log! Elk Grinning Smilie Orc Grinning Smilie

Anyway I think that he would absolutely refuse to board a ship where there would be fierce elves with bright eyesses!
Gollum couldn't survive without the Ring, it had kept him alive far beyond his natural life span. He lived only because of it. Bilbo too was kept young by the Ring, but he hadn't been kept alive beyond what was natural.
Bilbo stayed young while he had the ring and after he gave it to Frodo he started an accelerated aging; when the ring was destroyed he looked his actual age.

Gollum was born TA c. 2430 and took the Ring from Deagol in TA 2463 (according to Appendix B to LotR.) This would make him about 589 years old when the Ring and he were destroyed. I believe had he not gone into the fiery Crack of Doom with the Ring, but had stayed alive with Frodo and Sam, after it and Frodo's finger somehow slipped out of his hand, then his physical body would have started reverting towards his actual age and he would soon have died a desiccated husk full of failed organs. Almost like a staked vampire, but not yet crumbling to dust. Much more better the Professor's ending. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

He would never have been allowed into the West, because he had gained the Ring through murder.

If hobbits are of mankind, and Gollum was a hobbit, does this make him one of, if not the oldest Man?
Ah, yes, you all have pointed out things that I forgot about. I suppose he was the oldest man, Grond..
For more on the subject of the oldest man, see The Most Long Lived Man.

Meanwhile back to Gollum and: would he have, could he have been invited to Valinor, if he had.....
i believe that smeagol if he truly could have been cured would have love the ocean and he would go whit the elves even though he long hated them. for i believe that the ring used ts power on gollum in such a way that it inspired great hatred torwards elves even thought smeagol himself didn't actually hate the elves... he might have feared them thought.
The scar of the ring left on Golum's/Smeagol's soul can not be easily undone. Not even by the powers of the Valar. In all their might they can not change the nature of a creature. Perhaps only Illuvatar could restore what once was to be. Valimar is not place for murderers anyway I believe.

I wonder was it a divine plan for Golum to be the one to actually destroy the ring? Gandalf felt something and said so to Frodo in Moria.

And one last thing to ask: Suppose Smeagol was granted place in Valimar in the West, what shape would his restired soul have- Smeagol or Golum?
Gollum was the twisted evil that the ring had infused in him.
Miril estel lenya. The dwellers of the Grey Heavens are well known for their grate faith in good. Elf Winking Smilie

For your sake I will take this idea for one can be healed from the touch of evil.

Yet again I will place a question: Do you think Smeagol would like to live in Valimar?
I think not. He feared the elves. even the smeagol half of him.
I agree with you, for this was also in my mind when I asked the qustion.

Since this thread is about Golum/Smeagol and it's possible future, and after we assume he will not be confortably living among elves, can any one think of a place in Middle Earth, where Smeagol may have his happyly ever after? And where would Golum?...

p.s.Naturally we must assume also that one of them survived and the ring was destroyed despite that.

gollum is totally evil,and andy serkis does not deserve to go there,no matter how good of a job he did

Gollum might not deserve to go there, but Smeagol does. After all, he was the one who destroyed the one ring. So technically, it was him who defeated Sauron.

what about the balrog,he made Gandalf white so his spirit should goyesorno

Gollum isn't pure evil. No being in the Tolkien world is pure evil.

Not even Morgoth,curse him!