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Thread: New Line has the TTT "teaser" Poster

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I notice the date for FOTRs release on DVD/VHS is August 6Big Smile Smilie
Can't wait for the release! Between that and "The Lord of the Dance" which is coming here in August, I am wishing my summer away!
Then comes winter,ugh! Oh well, I will have my FOTR DVD to keep me warm.
Big Smile Smilie:
I seem to recall someone asking about voice recordings of the actors from FOTR, but wanted to know where? (cant remember which thread)

Anyway, that is also at

Big Smile Smilie

[Edited on 28/6/2002 by Allyssa]
*nod*, we posted the teaser poster a while ago, think you can find it in the scrapbook.
Our TTT Teaser Poster link was put on the Home page in an article entitled 'Two Towers Teaser Poster' on 25 June; currently it is the second from the top.
That voice thing was me, Allyssa. Can't remember exactly where either, but thanks!! Big Smile Smilie

Checking out the TTT poster. Big Smile Smilie