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Thread: Into the West - Amazing.

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I just heard Annie Lennox's 'Into the West' (yes, I have watched all three films, extended and theatrical, but the song is in the credits of the third movie) and it is beautiful.
It seems to sum up all the suffering and hope of LOTR and in some way the Simarillion. Who agrees with me?

Oh, and if you haven't heard it go to this adress:
In a way I agree with you...
But in my opinion no song can really describe the pain of the Eldar in leaving valinor, so excluding sil then yup it about sums up the pain of the third age Smile Smilie
I think I must agree with Arath. I don't think words are quite adequate, one would have to have a sort of xray thingy that could see the emotional bleeding inside the heart and torment of the mind.
What to say?! I can not express it, most of the songs of the soundtrack are as epic, maybe not as the story itself, but still! Great